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So anyway, I just found out that Terry Gilliam is going to be involved in the upcoming Gorillaz movie. Amazing indeed. But all of you probably knew that already, and I'm just behind the times. I shall weep, now. Meh, not too much to say right now. I need to go and buy Rise of the Ogre.

I just found out that my cat's medication is making her worse, so she'll be coming off of it, and I'm really hoping she's going to live. It's got me a bit depressed. Blah. 

Here, watch this video my sister and I made:

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Well, nothing has really been happening today. Got up late, listening to my dad be a bitch for a while, and now I'm here. God, he is a bitch. A raging bitch. I don't get what's wrong with him. He never asks anything; he demands it. Like the whole fucking world owes him something. But meh, whatever. I have a breathmint, so I'll be aloof and completely forget about being angry. Because I'm 'stupid', right? Because happy people are stupid? Alright. Moving on.

I hate iPods. Who do they think they are, barging in and making CDs obsolete? CDs did that to casettes (which I'm still rather fond of), casettes did that to... was it 8-tracks? And 8-tracks did that to records (which pwned them all, in my opinion). It's a neverending cycle! It's horrible! Soon WE'LL be replaced by robots! Ahhh! I don't want to get eaten my a robot! We must all join forces to stop the coming invasion of robots and androids! I'll start making t-shirts and banners... we WILL win!

I want to leave the house. Now. I want to drive around town with music blasting! Hail Elvis! Wooo!

Yeah -_-;

So anyway... I miss Lisa! She commented on my DA journal the other day, and just seeing a comment from her was enough to make me miss her WAY too much. She was my BEST friend for years, so now why do we never see each other anymore? I don't understand what went wrong. Why the hell does she care more about her boyfriend than me? It's like ever since they got together, I don't matter anymore. That happened with most of my friends, and the only ones who really still care about me live in other states. Wow. Here I go, being all whiny again. I should really shut up.

Here, some art:

I think I'll go play some video games. Get my emotions out by shooting people's heads. That's always fun. It's not like I'm not going to have a mood swing in 10 minutes, anyway ^_^

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