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So, my sister and I did a little Venture Bros. roleplay over Gaiaonline, and this is what it resulted in...

Brock is a homo with a sailor mouth, Hank won the lottery, and Rusty has an exploding head!

Rusty Venture is a force to be reckoned with at breakfast... )


Jul. 26th, 2006 05:28 pm
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I am, as usual, in a good mood for absolutely no reason, but I have a rant anyway.

People. Suck. Oh no, not you people! You people rock! ^_^ <3
I'm talking about the stupid, superficial people who whine and go all emo when they can't afford a new $1000 outfit for their date. I know people (us included, lately) who can barely afford to pay their bills, and they don't whine about it. And if they do, it's for a good reason! And yet those stupid, yuppie people who I'm ranting about don't even NOTICE. Why is this world such a materialistic, superficial place? Is it just America that's like this?

My birthday is in 2 months! As of October 5, I will officially no longer be a minor! O_O I'll be EIGHTEEEN (the same age 2D was when Gorillaz was formed, if anyone's counting XD sorry for the moment of nerdiness)... I remember how it was about 3 seconds ago when I was 14 and I was attached by the hip (not literally) to Lisa, and we were jamming to her death metal in the basement and dreaming about being famous, and eating nothing but Ramen all summer. God, I miss those days. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm growing up. Looking at my 18th year through the eyes of my old 14-year-old self, I would look like a complete failure. I still have nothing published, I'm still not a famous rock star, and... I'm still romantically impaired.

But it's all ok, ^_^ I've still got my whole life to stop being a basket case. Maybe I'll be a gay rights activist (who says you have to be gay to be one?)! Or an animal rights activist. I'd like to be some sort of activist, stand up for what I believe in, make a difference. It would be pretty nice. Maybe I'll go to Japan. Maybe I'll take up base jumping. Maybe I'll learn to play the guitar. Maybe I'll become a Buddhist. I've been thinking about converting lately. I like their ideas.

I have pretty much no money XD which is why I got Krystle socks and chapstick for her birthday. But it's ok. Her and Lisa have their birthdays on the same day; July 29, and it's coming up. It should be fun. Maybe I'll get to go over to Lisa's house (I miss it over there), and maybe we'll watch music videos with Shauna and Jeremy, and maybe no one will be drunk. That would be nice. I hope Lisa likes her present. I know a friendship necklace is a REALLY corny present, but I want her to know that I still do love her more than anything else, even though we never see each other anymore. I am so bad with putting emotions into words unless it's poetry or lyrics or something. I would write songs for people whenever I had an emotional declaration for them, but that would be uber corny and I'm not that creative.

Well, I've ranted sufficiently. So, that's it for now. I'm going to go play a video game or something (or maybe work on that fanfic I've been neglecting). Peace! <3

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