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So, guess who forgot to post about NaNoWriMo until the middle of the month? *derp*

This year I'm writing a horror novel called Redsel. It's mostly about this area of the woods where something horrible happened in the 1800's, and now it's more or less cursed and people who end up there (whether by coincidence or by fate conspiring or something) have to deal with some pretty awful things.I won't give much away, but it's hella gruesome so far, guys.

If you guys wanna become buddies, my NaNo page is here <3

Also, I've been getting a lot of people asking when I'm going to update How to Make Love Like a Host, and the answer is: soon, but next month at the soonest. With NaNo going on I don't have any time for fanfiction and I'm sorry, guys D:

So, tell me about you guys' NaNo novels if you're doing it, 'kay? I want to know.
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Not much of notice has happened lately. Just that:

1. I lost NaNoWriMo. Again.
2. I've become addicted to tartar sauce
3. I think I might be in love with Aaron Hotchner (from Criminal Minds)
4. I got an Ugly Americans category added at FFN and posted the official first UA fic there <3
5. I found out Medium got canceled ;_;

Things are quicker when I post them in list format and don't spend all that time rambling like I normally would XD

Gosh, I'm boring.

Also, I wanna fill out memes. It's become like an addiction lately, really. If you need to tag someone, guys, I'm game.

And finally: Christmas presents. What do you all want? My funds are limited but my creative juices are not. The sky is the limit.
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[ profile] ugly_americans

My sister Brittany and I's UA community <3
Join if you like the series (though hardly anyone has even heard of it XD)
Brittany and I are writing an absolutely ridiculous road trip fic together that we'll probably be posting there. It's pure crack.

Also, Trevor Moore: I want to have his babies. He's hilarious.

Current NaNoWriMo word count: 11,554 ;_;

PS, part 2 of "How to Make Love Like a Host" goes up today at [ profile] sugarysky <3
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Bad news: out of blue, I got super sick this morning. I can't talk and my throat hurts and my head hurts and my chest hurts and... just a lot of hurt, really. I spent most of the evening delirious on my futon watching American Dad. When you're sick and watch enough episodes... you start to think you're actually Roger. No lie. Now I'm doped up on Nyquil and I think I need to go to bed as soon as possible.

Good news: that NaNoWriMo novel I started last night? I've already got 12,000 words done.
I'm catching up.At this rate, I might actually finish early XD but it remains to be seen if I'll finish it on time at all. I'm crossing my fingers <3

Well, sleepytime now.
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So, I've changed my NaNoWriMo novel (I know, halfway through the month, worst idea ever) because the old one wasn't going anywhere. I'm writing one of the ideas I found stashed in an old folder. It's about strippers and androids and drag racing XD it's set twenty years after a nuclear holocaust in the remains of New York. I'm farther in it now than I was in the old one XD I probably won't win this year, but I'll give it a good run. So: be my NaNo buddy if you're on there.

Also, I watched Cabin Fever 2 this weekend. It was the single worst horror movie I've ever seen in my life. It was so stupid DX it was like every 80's horror b-movie rolled into one and sprinkled with a dash of "this has been done a million times already" and served with a side of plotrape. For dessert, we're served up a heaping helping of "lol it's high school kids so it's trendy". Yeesh. Having enjoyed the first movie,I was disgusted by the sequel. It sucked my soul out through my dick in the back of a taxi lolUglyAmericansjokefail.

And... and... we finished playing Silent Hill Homecoming. I play all the Silent Hill games as a group with Brittany ([ profile] kiramekineko), Kiona ([ profile] suddenkiss), Natalie, and Sammy. It's way more fun and a lot scarier if you do it as a group. Also, since we all have different abilities, it's easy because of teamwork XD We got one of the good endings <3 But the ending made me feel bad for thinking Josh was an asshole through the whole thing ;_; aaahhhh, it was so sad. Poor crazy Alex.
Now, we're playing Silent Hill 4. Henry is really, really crazy. But he's also ultra sexy, as is Eileen. And Cynthia, but I'm pretty sure we got her killed. Oops. But man, the ghosts are scary DX they make me cry when they come out of the walls all connected by their sticky goo.
None of the games will ever compare to Silent Hill 2. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES SUNDERLAAAAAAAND <3 <3 <3
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Sooooo.... I am RIDICULOUSLY behind on NaNo this year.I've been slacking so much it's not even funny. I should probably feel worse about it than I do. This year my NaNo novel is called "Memento Mori" (because that title TOTALLY hasn't been done to death /: not at all), and it's kind of a parody of Silent Hill and Ju-On (the original Japanese version of The Grudge), though you can't really tell at first XD It's about this guy whose wife dies so he and his daughter move to a crappy little town and into an apartment full of fucked up ghosts. Scary shit ensues. It's not really comedy but it's got a LOT of veiled satire in it (the first chapter uses every cliche line from every movie ever in it like "you running away from something, sonny?" and "I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for") and of course, it's secretly making fun of two other things. I hope it won't just come across as cheesy ^^;
Anyway, my NaNoWriMo pages is here if you guys wanna be NaNo buddies <3
Tell me all about your novels for the month if you're writing one <3

And also, I finally (after what, seven months?) got around to writing an Ugly Americans fanfic. It's set after "Soulsucker" but doesn't have any RELEVANT spoilers and it's Mark x Callie, which I realize is totally unoriginal but it's canon and it's CUTE <3 So, you can find it here (at my fic journal, [ profile] thiswaytoheaven) if you're interested in reading it.
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Sooooo... in a fit of boredom the other day, I craptastically sketched the characters from my untitled, unfinished NaNoWriMo novel for 2009. Those of you who read it might get a kick out of this.

And no, Miley Cyrus, Obama, and my sister Brittany aren't really in the novel XDDD she was sitting there watching me draw it and she was like "draw me" I and I did and then we decided it looked more like Miley Cyrus. So I tried again, and this time she turned out right and then we decided that Brittany x Obama = OTP so I drew couple art for it XD *flops*

wizards, talking spiders, and... is that Obama? )

Since Ciel didn't really show up yet at the point I last left off, I guess he's probably baffling XD and also yeah... Mr. Pennyapple, the husband of the old cook Mrs. Pennyapple, is a sexy young transvestite. Yay!

If you still want to read it, click here X3
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So, despite the fact that I didn't finish, this year's was a very productive NaNoWriMo. I managed to get 12,700 words out of 50,000, which isn't too bad considering I'm such a horrible procrastinator. Also, I finally got to write the story I've had buzzing in my head since I was in high school XD It was supposed to be a real fairy tale, but it turned out as a comedy and more satirical than anything, poking fun at all the weird stuff that happens in fairy tales that makes no sense (especially ones about princesses) and all the stupid cliches.

I'm so, so happy with this story, mostly because it's so personal (nearly every character was inspired heavily by someone I went to high school with X3 especially King Jules, who is based on my friend Calvin, who never walks but runs and never talks but screams and every time he sees me, he sneaks up on me and swings me in circles and since he's so tall and I'm short, I can't do anything about it. I swear, he's crazy XD). Just in case I forgot to mention before, it's about a princess who has to pretend to be a prince so she can be heir to the throne and keep her family's birthright. Which of course = madness and hilarity.

If anyone is interested in reading part or all of the story that I have written so far, they can click here ;D If anyone decides to read it, tell me what you think?

Anyway, you should all tell me all about your NaNo stories and your triumphs, terrors, and heartbreak while writing them. And if any of you finished, good for you! I'm so proud!

Now to focus on Christmas shopping... 8D And work *totally not looking forward to work today*

PS: can anyone here think of a good title for a story about a crossdressing princess? I'm stumped.
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So anyway, time for some shameless pimping. You guys know how I have my fanfiction journal ([ profile] thiswaytoheaven) and my TamaHaru fanfiction journal ([ profile] sugarysky) and my porny writing journal ([ profile] chocolatelle)? Well, it came to my attention recently that I didn't have a journal for posting my original fiction. I used to post them here, but things got cluttered that way. So, if you guys are interested in reading my original fiction, my account for that is [ profile] deadgirlsloveme, alright? :'D Woo!

So... I said I was going to upload some excerpts from my NaNo novel, and I didn't get around to it before because it sucks trying to pick non-spoilery parts that are also not boring XDDDDDD But here you go, have an excerpt (FYI, she was playing hide-and-seek):
prepare to be partially entertained )

I <3 the blonde kid XDDD I also <3 writing about crossdressing. I've only written about male trannies before, so this is an interesting experience. This is one of those stories where you should never feel safe assuming someone's gender XD I'm sure a few of the guys have vaginas. Also, Alexander is my favorite heroine I've written so far, probably because of her weird fascination for bugs as well as her casual acceptance of her crazy situation.

In other news, I wrote a new TamaHaru fic :'D *gets shot for not working on novel*

I have tomorrow, as well as this weekend, off of work. I'm so happy! My endless reservoir of irritatingly explosive energy was actually starting to dwindle, which almost never happens. I have three days to refuel. Plus, as tradition dictates, on Saturday [ profile] suddenkiss, [ profile] kiramekineko (my little sister), and I are dressing up in formal gowns and going to Chuck E. Cheese's <3 I can't wait! Good lord, I just love my life so much XD

Also, I totally have 3 separate Haruhi cosplays all ready to do (normal uniform, outfit from when they went to the expo, and the dress from episode 26), so expect pics sometime soon *nerd*

Love love love, guys! *flies off*
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Holyshits, it's nanowrimo already and I have no freakin' clue what I'm going to write about *weeps* I have about a thousand ideas, most of which involve crossdressing. I'll probably just pick one of those.

You guys think I should write the story about the princess who pretends to be a prince so the sexy arrogant son of an evil witch won't become the next ruler of the kingdom? Because that on has a lot of promise as far as zany ideas to keep the story going even when there's not exactly anything plot-related going on. I've been meaning to write it since high school, but I've just been putting it off XD YES! Yes, I'll write that one!

What are you guys going to write about for it? Any craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy stuff going on in that department?

If you guys want to be Nanowrimo buddies, my profile is here <3 <3

BTW, my icon is amazing X3 [ profile] arthoniel made it <3

I know I should be getting started on my nanowrimo stuff, but instead I'm writing a Kaoru x Haruhi fic *dies* I just can't help it...

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