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Blah! So anyway, Sammy was over here last night, so Britt and I had a jam session with her; meaning Sammy rocked the keyboards with ridiculous amounts of skill that I had no idea she had, Britt backed her up with guitar chords she made up, and I sat there with my bass being a worthless pile of flesh. This whole band thing isn't working out as well as it should, because we never all get together at once to practice, Natalie doesn't even OWN a drum set, much less know how to play, we don't even have a name, and I suck at bass so bad that I shouldn't be allowed to hold such a sexy instrument. But we won't give up. Even if we do suck. Even if my bass lines sound like repetitive shit. It's still fun and amazing, and I've never gotten such a kick out of being in a band before.

But yes, I'll continue to update on our band's situation as it progresses, not that anyone gives a flying shit. XD

Going to Hastings today (maybe) to pass some dead time. Working on a story that I'll probably never finish, but it's so much fun to work on anyway. Unable to use complete sentences right now. There's a beaver puppet on my desk, and it squeaks when you squeeze its head. His name is Sykes. He is my lovechild. 

THE SUN IS OUT! SWEET JESUS IT'S NICE OUTSIDE! It's such a nice day. I think I'll have to take a random jog around the block. And my strawberry lotion smells so good I almost drank it this morning. God, it's good. It's so pink. Pink is the color of the gods. But orange is better. Most of the snow has melted. I'm going off on random subjects today. 

I think I'll talk to my counselor and drop Algebra 2 so I don't have to take math my last semester of high school. And because I want Mr. Kemkes as my Psychology teacher, because he is badass. And because I want to take Animation 2 instead of Horticulture. I banged your mom. 

Love love love <3

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I was sitting here thinking about a song I heard one time called "Silver Rain Fell". It was a pure instrunental piece, no vocals whatsoever (mostly a keyboard arrangement). I was wondering what it would sound like with vocals. And then this popped into my head, so I had to work it into something. I'll probably go through a few revisions before I really like the end result, but if somebody could tell me what they think, that'd be so awesome!

Below are the lyrics, but I've also uploaded the recorded version of the song to my streamload account so it can be downloaded. Just go to and sign in as Moonchild10 with the password irunnaked, and you can download this song as well as another demo song I recorded a long time ago.

And if anyone can guess what the song is actually about, they get a cookie. I just like being cryptic.

Silver Rain Fell

You're so cold inside
And you’ll never be free
You’ll never know what’s inside
Unless you’re walking with me
I see you in darkness
When shadow steals light
Then I open my eyes
And you’re not here tonight

I search for the sound
Pouring into the rain
All that’s left is our blood
And it’s gone down the drain

But there’s always something there to remind me
Of the words I never said
When heartaches feed on rainbows
And music’s never dead
The night’s like a song
And my head’s a hotel
But I won’t forget what you told me
And silver rain fell

You’re so dead inside
And you’ll never be here
You can’t feel the inside
Because pain can smell fear
Roses and alcohol fall at your feet
You can kill my emotion
But you can’t kill the beat

My head’s a hotel
And your memory moves in
Love’s just a shell
And you can’t evict sin

My heart’s a hotel
But nothing gets in
I’m nothing but whispers
That flow beneath skin


I see you in raindrops
I feel you in pain
And you’re the only thing left
That falls with the rain

I’m trapped in your heaven
That life would call hell
But inside you’re empty
And silver rain fell

© 2006 Moonchild10 (Danie McCafferty)



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