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So, here is that TamaHaru I promised last time ^^; look out for ridiculous helpings of fluff! The summary makes it sound depressing, but it isn't at all XD

Also: WAAAAHG DX Someone gave me spoilers for the new chapter of Ouran, which came out in Japan today. Aside from the fact that the contents of said new chapter are disappointing to me, I also HATE SPOILERS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! AHHHHHHHHHH! WHY WOULD SOMEONE SPOIL THAT FOR ME! I want to scream DX< *tears out soul*

And lookit:

Taste the Rainbow X3 by ~tatteredmemory on deviantART
Pretty? XD I had fun with the rainbow colors.
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I have not been to sleep in TWO DAYS. I'm so tired, but I'm so in tune with the world right now and I don't want to sleep O: I can write amazingly now and all of my senses are super defined. I feel like I have superpowers!

Also, there was this dress at JC Penny for $150, and I got it on sale and guess how much I paid for it? EIGHT DOLLARS. YES. And today I watched the live action movie of Blood: The Last Vampire and... SAYA X ALICE IS OTP FOREVER. ALL ARGUMENTS ARE INVALID.

And finally, here's something I drew:
woooooo )

And now I need to sleep really badly ;_; I'll update when I've slept and therefore am slightly less obnoxious XD why do I have to have so much energy?

OH, and you know Marilyn Manson and Madonna Wayne Gacy? WELLLLLLLL... I'm Selena Kodaira XD my sister and I decided we needed Marilyn Manson names. Mine comes from Selena as the first (obviously) and Yoshio Kodaira (Japanese serial killer) as the last XD you guys should pick one. Choose a female celebrity icon's name for your first name and the last name of a mass murderer for your last.
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Sooooo... in a fit of boredom the other day, I craptastically sketched the characters from my untitled, unfinished NaNoWriMo novel for 2009. Those of you who read it might get a kick out of this.

And no, Miley Cyrus, Obama, and my sister Brittany aren't really in the novel XDDD she was sitting there watching me draw it and she was like "draw me" I and I did and then we decided it looked more like Miley Cyrus. So I tried again, and this time she turned out right and then we decided that Brittany x Obama = OTP so I drew couple art for it XD *flops*

wizards, talking spiders, and... is that Obama? )

Since Ciel didn't really show up yet at the point I last left off, I guess he's probably baffling XD and also yeah... Mr. Pennyapple, the husband of the old cook Mrs. Pennyapple, is a sexy young transvestite. Yay!

If you still want to read it, click here X3
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So... I'm sick XD it's been forever since my super amazing immune system has allowed me to get sick. It's not bad, though. I've been taking it easy and watching Law and Order all day. I'm feeling better by the second.

Sooooo... time for an art dump, now! They're old drawings and photos, for the most part DX

a giant art dump behind the cut... )

That's all for now, but there's a ton more I want to dump here later.
Coming up next: a fic dump!
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homo vampire art behind the cut )
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Today is Lisa and Krystle's birthday! It's such a cool coincidence, since they don't even know each other. They're both pretty much by best friends, and so it's so cool that they have their birthdays on the same day. I wish Krystle lived in Montana so I could spend time with her on her birthday.

I was at Lisa's for most of the day today. We watched Power Rangers and ate pizza and drank Mt. Dew Livewire (the orange stuff that they don't sell anymore, but I have a huge stockpile of it in my room). While we were watching it, a commercial for Demon Days live came on, and me and Scott started rambling about it.

We went swimming and made a whirlpool, and then swam against it, which was really hard. There were like six of us, which made for a nice current. We swam in a freaking circle for about an hour. I'm tired now. Plus, I drank way too much soda, and my stomach kinda hurts. But today was pretty much the best day ever. It was so cool to see Lisa again. Every time I see her, it's like no time has passed at all and things are the way they were when we were closer. We're going to do something next week. I'm hoping we'll get to start hanging out a lot more, which will be pretty cool.

And by the way, Taco bleached his hair! XD it's kinda blond now, and it used to be black. It was so shocking to see. I must admit, he looked a little silly until I got used to it.  Not that any of you know who Taco is. He's Sarah's boyfriend, and Sarah is Lisa's sister. And Scott is Lisa's boyfriend, and there's Shauna (my friend since 4th grade) and her boyfriend, Jeremy. There. Now everyone's up to speed.

I drew a picture for Krystle's birthday, since I won't be able to send her present for a while:

It's me jumping out of her birthday cake! XD it was fun to draw

By the way, if anyone else is on Neopets here, my name on there is glitter_noodle.  Add me to your Neofriends if you want to!

Well, that's all for now! <3

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