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So, I had a really fun sleepover with [ profile] suddenkiss (Kiona) this weekend, but I'll post about that tomorrow because right now, I'm excited about something so totally awesome...

OMFG LOOK WHAT [ profile] yurecia DREW FOR ME!!
picture behind the cut )

Oh my gosh, isn't it gorgeous and sexy and amazing!?!?!?? I could stare at it all day long! I am one very, very happy fangirl! @_@ that picture makes me so very happy! HOLY DOUGHNUTS, I can't stop jumping around. He looks so hawt touching his hair and tie like that XDDDD Tama-sama is totally my bishie of the year.

DAMMIT, I'm so freaking grateful! [ profile] yurecia totally owns my soul now (sorry Kiona, you'll have to share, even though you did buy it fair and square).

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Today, I my best friend Lisa called me while I was doing the dishes, and gave me the best news I've had in a long time: MY SCHOOL IS FLOODED!!!! <3
Which means that:
A) I'm going to need to watch Donnie Darko this weekend
B) my school is closed for the rest of the week
C) I am so happy I want to scream

This is wonderful, terrific, amazing news! I'm completely ecstatic! Despite the fact that I've got Finals tomorrow and my back is sore, this is a fabulous day! I'm so excited! I'm going to work on my 2D/Murdoc fanfic all day on Friday. I go to the Career Center tomorrow instead of school, so I have to go take my Finals (I can't believe first semester is already over!), but then at 12:30 I go home and don't have to go back until Tuesday.
 The downside of this is, though, that now we'll have to sing Prayer of the Children from memory on Monday night. My choir has a showcase performance at the Lincoln Center theater downtown on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. day, and we just started one of the songs we're singing two days or so ago. And so, we don't have it memorized, we can't get our music, and our choreography is going to suck XD it'll be pretty funny. Almost as bad as when we didn't know any of the songs for the Musical Feast. Bah. Our choir is fun. And Mrs. Logan is the best teacher ever.

Here's a haiku I wrote (which is pretty screwed up):

The wind is watching me here
Everywhere I go
The sky burns holes in my head

Peace, people. Talk to you later <3

Note: those of you waiting for me to update Hey Pretty: I'm sorry x 1,000! I haven't been able to work on it!
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My God, this week was amazing! Spirit week... which was, needless to say, so much fun I could hardly stand it. Today was the homecoming parade, and since I'm a senior now, I got to ride on the senior float and wear a toga today (it was rainbow striped... and it rocks so hard). I walked home after the parade, which is a long way, but it was oodles of fun because... it just was. I have so much confetti in my hair... but it was awesome. I'm happy and fluffy and hyper right now, and I can barely slow my typing down enough to type actual words. But goodness, this was such a great, fun, amazing, unforgettable week. 

And another thing that made today great was that I saw some art that Quere did for my fanfic. It looks so awesome, and it makes me SO happy that someone (especially someone who is one of my favorite artists) liked my story enough to draw art for it! Go here to see the fabulous art:

So yes, I feel so completely wonderful today that I could just scream and dance and sing and jump and run and fly. I've got sunshine in a bag (yay, Clint Eastwood... and finally that line makes sense to me). I want to write a song about the way I feel right now and I want to take a picture and make all this last forever.

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Well, not much is up today. We went to the mall yesterday, which was oodles of fun, of course. I got a neato sparkly picture frame shaped like a strawberry, and put a photo of my friends flipping off the camera in it. It looks so cool. I got Lisa a friendship necklace with a sparkly duck on it for her birthday, but don't tell her! Shh! 

My nails are so long that typing is really hard. I keep hitting the wrong keys. 


And now, here's some art that I drew this morning:

Peace, guys! <3

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