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There's nothing I can say to rant about that 2000+ and counting people haven't already said, so rather than rant, I'll just say that in short, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and ranting about the stupid new comment system.

Oh, LJ. Why do you feel the need to fix things that aren't broken?
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I like The Grudge 2 WAY better than The Grudge. I thought The Grudge was completely stupid and cheesy, like an exact copy of Ju-On only not scary... and then I saw the sequel. I actually cried a little out of fear XD it's pretty hard to scare me, so I really appreciated that movie. I made me happy. I recently bought it at a garage sale and rewatched it. Still scary.

So as far that fandom goes, for me it's just Ju-On and then The Grudge 2. The Grudge and Ju-On 2 were both pretty stupid. Don't remember how I feel about The Grudge 3 anymore. All I remember is that it reminded me of Silent Hill 4 a little too much.
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One of the real gold Delorians, but since there are only 2 in all of existence I doubt that's ever going to happen XDDDD *aiming for the stars*
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I'd choose Criminal Minds <3
I'd be either a victim or I'd be a witness and/or surviving victim in a case involving string of cannibalistic murders and then end up actually being the killer. I'd take JJ captive when I was discovered as the killer, and I'd keep her until the BAU gave me a getaway vehicle and forced the police to stand down and then I'd drug her and leave her outside a Walmart on my way out of town ;D

...or I'd be on Medium and be the daughter of a crack-addicted prostitute that was murdered and I'd pester Allison for her help in catching my mother's murderer and hit on Joe.
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Oh wow. Geez. I have no idea XD I think that the thing that gives my life the most meaning and purpose is the drive to help other people and make people smile. Making people happy is my favorite thing in the world. Without it, I really wouldn't have anything. I can write but since it doesn't really do anything to help anyone, it seems a little empty.

I think it's important, but everyone leaves a mark on the world in some shape or form. Everyone makes at least a little difference, whether it's from doing something big or just making one person smile one time. Even the little things make a huge difference in the long run. If you can do one thing to make things better, even if it's small (even as small as smiling at someone who's having a bad day), then your life isn't lived in vain.

I'm not sure what my mark on the world will be, but I'm really excited to see where my life is going to go.
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I hate when people say "guesstimate" and "irregardless". Both phrases make me die a little inside. Also when people are off with their tenses (for example: "Hey, I seen you at the store yesterday!"). Just the way wanksters talk in general makes me want to cry. I've always been a nerdy, bookwormy sort of person (from birth), so I'm very particular about words and inappropriate use of them. I'm usually really patient (probably because I have no sane friends LOL), but when someone uses a word wrong I'm immediately just like *CRRRRRIIIIIIIINGE*

I think the worst is when someone says "mortified" when they mean "super afraid". No one uses that word right ;_;
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Tamaki Suoh, definitely.
All fangirlyness aside, can you even imagine how exhaustingly fun it would be to spend an entire day with that guy?! It would be impossible to get bored.
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"all I need is to smile"

It changes about every day or so. I'm not a very consistent person. I've had someone tell me keeping up with me is like trying to stare at the same spot in a river without letting your eyes drift XD
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Not really ^^; I don't put a lot of stock in that kind of thing. I'm a very unsuperstitious person. I don't think shadows have anything to do with what time of year spring weather starts... that just doesn't make sense.

But gosh, isn't the groundhog just the cutest fuzziest little thing!? *dissolves into a puddle*

*updating because she is bored out of her mind*
Holy crap guys I know I should be working on my fic for [ profile] ouran_contest but... I'M SO BORED DX Here, have a fanfic I wrote where Haruhi is Tamaki's mistress lol <3

PS did any of you see the new Venture Bros.?
GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! /: It made me want to rip my own teeth out. I wants me some Triana/Dean stat but it's just been pretty much un-canonized *suicide* I guess there's always Hank/Dean to look forward to *wibbles* SHUT UP IT SO TOTALLY IS CANON. Remember the episode with Abraham Lincoln?
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Enchiladas and ramen. Enchiladas are impossible for me to get tired of, and ramen is such a versatile food. I could eat it in a million different ways so it would never get old! It would always seem like a new food. I can get really creative in the kitchen XDDD
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1. get a book published
2. stay as happy as I am now
3. move to Kihei (my favorite place in the world, which is in Maui, Hawaii), live in a tiny super cheap house near the ocean, and work in a bed and breakfast
4. make my dad proud of me

I don't want anything that fancy XD
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Gave up a chance to be with her so she could be happy with someone else.
Oh... and smashed into a plate glass window when I was running around panicking after I first realized I was in love with her. Sheesh.

(PS: life and Xmas updates come later. I'm too lazy right now. But I'm back... and thanks for the wonderful gifts, you guys! <3 ^^)
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I do think there's a lot of pressure, and I think it's absolutely stupid. If someone is perfectly content being alone or unmarried and having no children, society looks at them like they're somehow weird. In the same sense that it makes me angry when someone gets judged for the gender of person they're attracted to, it makes me angry when someone is judged because they would rather not marry or get into a relationship at all. Everyone should be allowed to do what makes them happy without having the world try to pressure them into following their ideal of "perfection"! For everyone, happiness is different and we all have different goals, and I think before anyone decides to be judgmental, they should take into account that maybe the perfect fairy tale ending that we all strive for is different for every person!

*calms down* ^^; God, I sure can rant. My mom was watching over my shoulder and she was like "You should be a lawyer" XDDDDD Maybe. Who knows? *completely unsure of the future 8D*

So, it's negative 30 degrees outside. I swear if I have to leave the house I'm going to freaking die. I was thinking of doing Walmart, but there isn't a sale good enough to drag me out right now. Even though I really want to buy some freaking cup o' noodle to keep me waaaaaaaarm *weeps in corner*

Funfact: my "fairy tale ending" involves living alone or maybe with a friend and being completely independent with a job that I love that makes me happy. It doesn't involve marriage or a lot of money and it probably doesn't involve kids (as much as I love them). It does, however, having a ton of stuff published, even if I don't get famous.

So anyway, [ profile] lovinjerryt's birthday is tomorrow, so I'd better go get to work on her present... very hush-hush about what it is, of course *zips lips* I'll post it here tomorrow. And Andrea ([ profile] yurecia)'s birthday was yesterday. Happy belated birthday, sweetie! <3

I have the biggest crush on Frank Sinatra EVER ;_;

EDIT: my mom (with the double D's XDDDD) just came into my room with my bra from the laundry, and she was like "here's your headband, Danie", and I was like "That's my bra, mom", and she was like "For serious? O:" That's when you know you're not well-endowed XDDDDDDDDDD
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"Never give up"
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My mom are best friends and we kind of always have been. I tell her everything, and she's taught me everything I know. She really made me the person I am today, and I don't know what I'd do without her. She's one of the best friends I've ever had, and I'd do anything for her.
My dad and I don't really get along. I'm flashy and disappointing to him, apparently.
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Ma chose française préférée devrait probablement être Tamaki Suoh. Il est extrêmement mignon pour un caractère fictif XDDD plaisantant tout de côté, j'aiment vraiment l'art. français.

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