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So anywaaaaaaay, my friends the beautiful twins Becca and Val made me a Mark Lilly (of Ugly Americans, the world's most underappreciated fandom) plushie! Becca sent me a pic of him today and I almost died.
pic behind the cut kyaaaaa )
I WANNA DIE HE'S SO CUTE. Ahhhhh, it looks just like him! His hair and his eyes and his outfit... it's all so perfect. THEY EVEN GOT HIS EYEBROWS RIGHT. He's the fifth plushie they've made for me and their style just keeps getting better and better! I love it so much eeeeeee <3
They're also making me a Haruhi plushie to go with the Tamaki one they made XD I'll post pics of her later, after she gets finished. Maybe I'll post pics of all the plushies I've gotten from them after I get Haruhi and Mark in the mail <3 BECCA AND VAL ARE THE BEST PEOPLE EVER, EEEEEEEEEH

*rapes Mark/Callie icon*

In other news, I'm on week 2 of my antibiotics and my face is clearing up really nicely <3 I'm still getting new breakouts but the horrible one I'm taking them for is mostly passed. Adult acne is the worst /: I hope I don't have to do Accutane. I like acne more than Crohn's Disease.

And finally, finally I got to play Born from a Wish <3 I had so much fun with it. Brittany and I beat it in 2 hours, and we fully intend to play it again as soon as we meet our goal of getting the Maria ending in SH2 (we're about half done with playing the whole game through again already... good god). Uaaaa, I love Maria to pieces. She's such an asshole sometimes, but she's so adorable. And she's more fun to play with than James. She's a fucking stripper with a meat cleaver, for goodness sake 8D. In conclusion... I would probably plow Maria.

Well, that's all for today.

New Memes

Jan. 20th, 2011 04:45 pm
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So, I've started up [ profile] candymemes and I've got some memes running there. Also, I'll be hosting people's memes at the community if anyone has one they want to have hosted!

So anyway:
Ouran Kissing Meme
TamaHaru Kink Meme
Ugly Americans Kink Meme
Medium Kink Meme

Fly on over and make your requests, guys X3 and feel free to fill some if there are any already requested when you get there!
I'm really hoping these memes won't die right away ^^;

Also, I'm working steadily on commissions, so they should be ready sometime soon <3 also, askTamaki is going live chats now X3 chat live with Tama
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Feeling better. My uncle (well, actually he was my great-uncle, I just always mess up ^^;) died on Thursday night. It wasn't as sad as it could have been, though, because he chose to die. He signed a "do not revive" order and he was really peaceful. I was too late to go to say goodbye, but I'd rather not remember him that way, anyway. I'd rather remember him with a guitar in his hands and a Star Wars joke on his lips. He wouldn't have wanted me to see him partially paralyzed. He was my hero as a kid and I'm really going to miss him. I think I'll learn to play guitar to help keep his memory alive. I think he'd like that.

On Friday, my cousin Jascel, my uncle Neil, and his wife Reana came to visit, and we had the best time. On Sunday night we sat up laughing, telling inappropriate jokes, and making prank calls. My cousin Alex has this whale joke where you say "what did one whale say to the other" and the answer is just making whale sounds for 10 minutes straight or so, so we called people and did that to them XD despite the fact that everyone there but me was over 30 years old, we acted like a bunch of kids. It was amazing and the most fun I've had in ages. Also, Jascel might be moving back to Montana, which would be amazing because then we could do that kind of thing every weekend XD

Also, I finally managed to get the virus off my computer without paying $100+, thanks to [ profile] lovinjerryt's suggestion of putting it in safe mode and running Malewarebytes. Thank goodness I can use my money on Xmas presents for everyone now. Well, for the stuff to make the presents because I'm doing jewelry for Xamas this year <3

I'm really excited for Xmas at this point. I'm working on presents but there's no way they'll be ready in time ^^; sorry about that, guys, but a late present is better than no present at all! I went to Brittany's choir concert last night and it was a blast. It really got me in the spirit for some baking <3

Also.... this

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Not much of notice has happened lately. Just that:

1. I lost NaNoWriMo. Again.
2. I've become addicted to tartar sauce
3. I think I might be in love with Aaron Hotchner (from Criminal Minds)
4. I got an Ugly Americans category added at FFN and posted the official first UA fic there <3
5. I found out Medium got canceled ;_;

Things are quicker when I post them in list format and don't spend all that time rambling like I normally would XD

Gosh, I'm boring.

Also, I wanna fill out memes. It's become like an addiction lately, really. If you need to tag someone, guys, I'm game.

And finally: Christmas presents. What do you all want? My funds are limited but my creative juices are not. The sky is the limit.

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