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OK, I saw 'Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo'  today, and.... OH MY FRICKING GOD!

It was so cool! I'm still just totally freaking out after seeing that! I think I might explode! XD Robin had Murdoc's old hair style in the part where he was incognito. It was pretty freaking sweet. I loved that weird lab coat thing he was wearing. And poor Brushogun! I thought he was going to end up being Slade the whole time... I really didn't expect that twist! And the cat girl was so cool! I loved her hair. I was worried the whole thing was going to end up as BBxrandomgirl, but the pairing situation made me SO happy, even if there wasn't much BBRae (though I picked out SOME). I freaking SQUEALED, man! That was an awesome movie, with the cool Titan feeling of the show still there and Cy's sudden random binges and BB's karaoke explosion... it was all so crazy and cool! I loved it so much.

Today in 3-D design, we started making our maks, and we were all trying to make Gavin laugh while I was putting the plaster strips on his face, because that screws up the mask-making process, and we thought it would be funny (I don't know why). Jesse was like freaking out about the TT movie coming on, Matt was playing with Gak... it was just generally fun. And then after school, I ran to hug Lisa and I slipped on something and fell into her arms like on some cheesy movie... it was funny. I feel so shaky from reading this freaking cool story by [profile] plaidpoppet and it's almost 1 AM so I can't go run around on the sidewalk... I might end up getting abducted or something. 

So yes, I have a novella due by 4th period on Monday, I have to finish a chapter of Hey Pretty because my readers want to eat my head, and I have to finish a one-shot for [profile] gorillazslash, so I'll shut up and get to the mass amounts of writing that I have to do, yo. 


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Plenty is new today...I guess. I've started this new obsession with drawing pictures involving water and sparkles. View two of them now, because I said so (the first one's my contest entry for TBRS's June fanart contest):

Beast Boy and Raven on the beach: click here 
Raven and Robin on the rooftop: click here

Yes, I adore both of those couples. BBxRae is my favorite of all time, though I do enjoy almost all possible TT couples besides BBxTerra and BBxStar (I don't have anything against them, they just don't really appeal to me). 

I hope we get to go to garage sales tomorrow. I love going out in the morning, especially when it's sunny out. Everything just seems so...right at times like that. Things don't just feel 'right' much anymore. I miss times when they did. I'm slowly becoming a hermit. I hate the thought of dealing with people face to face, and my family are the only ones I can be around and not feel completely inept. 

Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday and we're going to her party in the park. I like parks. 

I rented all 4 Gravitation DVD's at Hastings the other day and watched the whole series. I plan to watch it again before I return them. I love the characters. That show really is deep for something animated. It gives a good message. If anyone is reading this, WATCH that show! Or read the manga. Because it is incredible. The art is wonderful and the plot and characters are attaching. And also after Hastings we stopped by Ben Franklin and I got these cute little teddy bears, one red and one white, attached to each other by the plush heart that says 'I love you'. They're really adorable. I have a strange obsession for plush. 

I'm working on Hey Pretty a little bit (chapter 13 should be done soon), as well as Obsidian. I'm also planning a Robin x Red X fic and a Robin x Slade fic (don't hate me, I love TT man love). I'm also going to write a 2DxMurdoc fic, so if anyone could help me on the characterizations, I'd really appreciate that. 

Oh, and I actually have a friend! [profile] rocky_wolf

Well, I guess that's about it. Bye!

BBRae forever!

because Yumi x Ulrich isn't nearly as sexy
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sparkly Robin! <---Yay! Robin is fluffy, pink, and sparkly. And he is putting himself in this situation that severly threatens his manliness to advtertise *gasp* the new Teen Titans 2.0 website!  Yes, indeed folks! So to view the website, simply click on the twinkly Robin pic. Robin will then direct you to the website very kindly and give you something warm and snuggly to wear during your visit. Because Robin loves people who help the cause.  ^_^

I'm IMing with my sister right now, even though she's in the next room. Bobodadoowop! We're not really talking about anything. I'm talking like a ganster to her. Fo shizzle. 

And check out my beautiful masterpiece here:
I call it "Sparkly Sunshine Rainbow Glitter Pony Explody Rainbow Yay Yay"
And no, I am not retarded. I was just bored, and so I drew something in MS Paint. XD No skill was used. 

I feel a lot better than I did earlier. And I'm wearing a pirate hat. ^_^

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