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People on FFN seemed to think this was a good idea, so I'm posting this.

I'm running a fanart contest for Duet. If you guys haven't read it, then don't worry about this XD anyway, the deal is, you draw your favorite scene from the fic (you can wait until the last two chapters are out before you start if you want), and the winner will get their own 5 chapter TamaHaru fanfic. The contest starts today and runs until May 1st. There are no rules... it can be colored, doodled, sketched, traditional or digital media... whatever you'd like. Just send me a link to your art by May! You can post it on DA or here or wherever, as long as there's a working link to it.

Also, there's also info in my DA journal if you frequent that place more! You can send entries to tatteredmemory on deviantart, too ^^ that's me on there.

I hope this isn't really pompous of me to be doing ^^; I just want to see what comes of it.

Good luck! <3

X-posted to my DA.
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I hope you all have the best one possible! X3 I'm going to be spending mine with my family and watching the Ouran outtakes and playing Silent Hill XDDDD sounds like heaven right now.

Also, I wrote this year's V-Day fic. It's TamaHaru (of course) and it borders on being porny. click here to read it.

Sooooo... I've got my hair bleached for my Maria cosplay:
lol pics )
Now I just have to dye the ends and find the material for the skirt and sew it, and make the choker. I already have all the supplies for the choker and belt and I found the top on sale.
But I need to finish my commissions before I plunge into more cosplay work XD thinking back, I should have done an Eileen cosplay before I did anything to my hair XDDDD I look WAY more like Eileen than Maria. I'm not sexy enough to make a convincing Maria OTL but I love her so much. I'm also gonna cosplay Mary (if I can hide my hair's bleached craziness in a bun) and take pics with my Mary and Maria alter egos side by side, and it might be slightly epic. Ha ha ha, it's sad that I actually have the skirt Mary wears without having to go out and buy it. And I don't even dress like that. Best coincidence ever.

ANNNNNND, the Haruhi and Hunny plushies Becca and Val made me are done:
click to see the cutest things in the world )
Uwaaaa, they're so cute X3 the Hunny one is for my friend Sammy, so I hope she'll like it. It's the second part of her Xmas present (I'M SO LATE OTL). Haruhi's dress.... uwaaaa it's different colors than in the actual episode but it's so cute.

AAAAAAND, my Eileen ([ profile] mother_reborn) got accepted to [ profile] aliunde_rpg and I'm so excited X3
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As promised on FFN, a discussion of the ending of the Ouran manga! Beware of spoilers if you haven't finished the series!

First of all... can I say MAJOR MOE TIME? My heart actually flew out of my mouth and danced on the keyboard during the scene on the balcony.Two kisses in a row... I think that qualifies as officially too adorable to handle. And the fact that Haruhi didn't object to Tamaki coming to Boston with her means that they've come a long way. Also, it was adorable that the other hosts showed up to live with them too. It killed a lot of the romanticness but that's their job, isn't it? XD All in all I don't have any qualms with the way the series ended like I thought I would. It was so fluffy and happy and adorable... and I cried. Like a baby. I admit it. I liked that the ending didn't feel final... it left room for more to happen and it made me happy. Fanfiction time!

I loved the way that the series ended with so much humor and joy, just as it's always been. Bisco Hatori has a lot of skill with making the relationships between the characters as complex as they are adorable and that really shone through in the last few chapters. It must have been hard to finish a series 83 chapters long and never give up, so I give her major props.

So, what does everyone else think?

Also, [ profile] lovinjerryt, I posted that fic set after the manga that I wrote for you. It's here <3 Enjoy, my lovely wife!

Also, just because I didn't do it yet: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <3 <3 <3 OMG TAMAHARU!
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So, my Norton is about to expire, and since we're not doing so well financially at the moment, it might be a while before I can get it renewed. Meaning that unless I get online on my laptop (which I rarely do because it's kinda crappy XD) I might not be on for a while. But who knows. This is just a heads up in case anyone wonders if I'm dead or something. I'll be writing, sculpting, and drawing (as well as working my ass off but we won't go into that DX) during my time away, so when I come back I'll have a ton of stuff to show for it. Yaaaaaay!

Well, I have to go get ready for work now. Oh joy.

Oh also, I started my first multi-chapter Ouran fic the other day:
I'm pretty excited 8D it's TamaHaru, but then again what's new XD
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So, here is that TamaHaru I promised last time ^^; look out for ridiculous helpings of fluff! The summary makes it sound depressing, but it isn't at all XD

Also: WAAAAHG DX Someone gave me spoilers for the new chapter of Ouran, which came out in Japan today. Aside from the fact that the contents of said new chapter are disappointing to me, I also HATE SPOILERS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! AHHHHHHHHHH! WHY WOULD SOMEONE SPOIL THAT FOR ME! I want to scream DX< *tears out soul*

And lookit:

Taste the Rainbow X3 by ~tatteredmemory on deviantART
Pretty? XD I had fun with the rainbow colors.
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So anyway, you have no idea... tomorrow (well, today since it's 4:00 AM already XD) there is... AN INTERNATIONAL FOOD FAIR! And guess who's going? This girl is, that's who. I love foreign culture a lot and food is probably my favorite part of culture since I'm such a glutton. Wah, I love to eat. I hope there'll be a lot of food from Norway and Japan and Korea and France <3 especially Norway, since I'm half Norwegian and so I kinda grew up loving the food from there. But oh my god, it's going to be fun. [ profile] suddenkiss (Kiona) is going to be there, so weeee X3 she and Brittany and I will have a ton of fun. I've been so busy this week that I've barely had any time for stuff like that. I CAN'T WAIT!

And also, I cleaned this amazing house on Monday O: it was huge! It had like a million bedrooms and bathrooms and a jacuzzi bathtub and a parlor and separate rooms IN the bathrooms for the showers and toilets. It was... so cool and pretty. THERE WERE COLUMNS IN THE DINING ROOM! LIKE IN THE DAMN WHITE HOUSE! It was the prettiest house ever, and though I don't usually really concern myself with grandeur I couldn't help but realize I'd give anything to live in a house like that XD but fate won't allow that. I have a feeling that since I don't care much about money or getting an illustrious job that I'll always be poor. Oh well. But but but, Brittany came to help clean the house toward the end, and we reenacted The Shining XDDDDD it was so much fun. I got to be Jack, and I couldn't stop laughing while I was locked in the pantry. It was the best time ever. And FYI, Brittany was Wendy. It was lolz when she knocked me down the stairs and then dragged me into the pantry.

And now, here's that TamaHaru I promised XD
don't kill me for for fluff X3 )

Well, I need some sleep now XD <3
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Not really ^^; I don't put a lot of stock in that kind of thing. I'm a very unsuperstitious person. I don't think shadows have anything to do with what time of year spring weather starts... that just doesn't make sense.

But gosh, isn't the groundhog just the cutest fuzziest little thing!? *dissolves into a puddle*

*updating because she is bored out of her mind*
Holy crap guys I know I should be working on my fic for [ profile] ouran_contest but... I'M SO BORED DX Here, have a fanfic I wrote where Haruhi is Tamaki's mistress lol <3

PS did any of you see the new Venture Bros.?
GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! /: It made me want to rip my own teeth out. I wants me some Triana/Dean stat but it's just been pretty much un-canonized *suicide* I guess there's always Hank/Dean to look forward to *wibbles* SHUT UP IT SO TOTALLY IS CANON. Remember the episode with Abraham Lincoln?
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I LIED GAIZ! I said that my last entry was image heavy, but this one is worse XDDDD

So, you guys, my sister Brittany and I are hardcore addicted to Disgaea I and II lately XD we've been leveling up our team on Disgaea I and now they're all level 10 *brushes back a tear* I love Flonne to pieces, by the way *points frantically to userpic* SHE'SSOCUTE! I think that "Nice to meet you! I'm an assassin!" might be the best quote I've heard in a while. Gosh, I'm pretty sure I wants me some Laharl x Etna, but he's cute with Flonne and Vyers too. Damn, I can't pick so I'll just have them all. Tell me I'm not the only one who's obsessively playing these games, guys O:
Disgaea plz )

So anyway, along the course of leveling up our team, we just did the practice level 300 times (yes, really) where you defeat a bunch of ghosts and one hobbit, and came across the following things that I had to photograph since Brittany and I loled over them and if you're a fan of Ouran, I'm sure you'll find them amusing as well:
veiled Ouran references, or am I just a huge nerd? )

Also, I decided it would be good to take a picture of me with the Haruhi plushie that [ profile] stefanie_k got me for Xmas <3 I love it to pieces and I've been snuggling it all week. Just look at the little plushie... HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?!?
me and Haruhi... as well as the other plushies X3 )
Ritsuka, Soubi, Tamaki, and Interi were all made for me by my friends Becca and Val <3 they make such cute plushies and they're so skilled 8D Interi is actually a character of mine from a novel/fantasy RP so he's not from any particular anime and they still did amazing with not a lot of references. Geez.

In other news, I signed up with Guiltless Pleasure publishing today! <3 which means that I have a manuscript underway and I'm way too excited! It's a company that publishes mostly fantasy erotica, and I've got the perfect idea for what they might enjoy XD or make that two perfect ideas. So, expect me to be super busy even after I finish my to-do list. YAAAAAAAAAAY! I need something to do with my free time since as I'm sure you all know (since I'm always bitching about it) I've been temporarily laid off /:

And finally, I told [ profile] yurecia a long time ago that I would post a picture of how amazing the TamaHaru print I bought from her looked on my desk, and I just now got around to it XD So here it is:
TamaHaru on my desktop, plz 8D )
She's like... my favorite artist in the entire world <3 Her work is so gorgeous. I really, really wish she was more confident about her art!
Jesus, I'm so addicted to TamaHaru right now /: It huuuuuuuuuuuurts. Instead of getting anything done, I keep randomly writing drabbles for the couple. Damn you Future-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Suoh and your unborn children! 8D
PS anyone want me to post said TamaHaru drabbles? Have 10 minutes to kill? XD

And... I'll shut up for now. Until next tiiiiime.

EDIT: I JUST REALIZED I HAVE THE SAME BEDSPREAD AS ARIEL FROM MEDIUM HOLY SHIT! *points at photos above* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 *dies a happy fangirl death*
lolJoe )
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So, my holiday fic for this year is a TamaHaru written for [ profile] holiday_ouran (my secret santa recipient was [ profile] summer_sierra. You can read it here and I hope it helps contribute to at least one of you having that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling X3

Also, since it's the holidays, I'll be busy with my family and my group of crazy IRL friends XD I'll be giving/making gifts and seeing my family members I don't normally see and hosting a fancy Christmas soiree, so I probably won't be online for a week or so! I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL FUNDERFUL LOVING CANDY COATED CHRISTMAS AND YOU SMILE LIKE HECK KNOWING THAT I LOVE YOU TO PIECES AND I ALWAYS WILL!


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Feelin' good, feelin' good. Tomorrow night is the musical feast at Brittany's school where the choirs will be singing and there will be food served and the choir students act as waiters. It's really fancy... I was in it when I went to that school. But the theme this year (they always go all out with themes XD) is Christmas in Paris, and so the waiters and waitresses are going to be speaking to us in French. I'm going to say "J'ai envie de chier" to Brittany and see how she reacts...

Today is the three year anniversary of the time I was separated from my mom and wasn't allowed to contact her or see her or even know where she was for a while. I've been unconsciously clinging to her all week and following her everywhere and making her make cookies with me XD It's still scary to think back on, but I have my friends just like I did back then to comfort me, and this time I have my mom too, so I'll be absolutely fine.

PS: I drew this last night:
TamaHaru cuteness )
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So anyway, time for some shameless pimping. You guys know how I have my fanfiction journal ([ profile] thiswaytoheaven) and my TamaHaru fanfiction journal ([ profile] sugarysky) and my porny writing journal ([ profile] chocolatelle)? Well, it came to my attention recently that I didn't have a journal for posting my original fiction. I used to post them here, but things got cluttered that way. So, if you guys are interested in reading my original fiction, my account for that is [ profile] deadgirlsloveme, alright? :'D Woo!

So... I said I was going to upload some excerpts from my NaNo novel, and I didn't get around to it before because it sucks trying to pick non-spoilery parts that are also not boring XDDDDDD But here you go, have an excerpt (FYI, she was playing hide-and-seek):
prepare to be partially entertained )

I <3 the blonde kid XDDD I also <3 writing about crossdressing. I've only written about male trannies before, so this is an interesting experience. This is one of those stories where you should never feel safe assuming someone's gender XD I'm sure a few of the guys have vaginas. Also, Alexander is my favorite heroine I've written so far, probably because of her weird fascination for bugs as well as her casual acceptance of her crazy situation.

In other news, I wrote a new TamaHaru fic :'D *gets shot for not working on novel*

I have tomorrow, as well as this weekend, off of work. I'm so happy! My endless reservoir of irritatingly explosive energy was actually starting to dwindle, which almost never happens. I have three days to refuel. Plus, as tradition dictates, on Saturday [ profile] suddenkiss, [ profile] kiramekineko (my little sister), and I are dressing up in formal gowns and going to Chuck E. Cheese's <3 I can't wait! Good lord, I just love my life so much XD

Also, I totally have 3 separate Haruhi cosplays all ready to do (normal uniform, outfit from when they went to the expo, and the dress from episode 26), so expect pics sometime soon *nerd*

Love love love, guys! *flies off*
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OMFG I colored the best scene ever (LOOK OUT FOR SPOILERS!)
ready for an OTPgasm? )


Do you like it? XDDDDDD

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