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So, I'm feeling tons better since I posted last! I still miss Fish, but I'm healing quickly, as usual. It's so selfish to be sad over her death when she was so old and so sick and in so much discomfort for the past few years of her life. I suppose I'm just lucky I got to know her!

I've been crazy busy this past week, going places with friends (which included the corn maze 8D) and getting ready for Halloween. I still have cookies to bake for [ profile] demi_rabbit and [ profile] flowing_darknes and I have an entry for Becca and Val's contest and I have some stories to write for assorted friends and past teachers. I have no idea how I'm going to get all of this done XD

I've been studying my hiragana heavily and diligently recently (katakana and kanji can wait for now). I've been thinking that if the time ever comes when I can self-sufficiently afford to go to college, I'd like to do it at the Takarazuka University Of Art And Design. It's a private university, which probably = Danie can't afford it, but SOMEDAY I'd like to because I'm sure I'll be able to get some kind of scholarship/loan along with paying for a lot of it myself. But who knows... I'm not the kind of person who has that much interest in the distant future. It's probably a silly dream and I'll end up going to college in-state if I go at all, but oh well. It's fun to dream.

In other news, I watched Burn After Reading, and it made me want to kill myself. It was the worst, most pointless movie I've ever seen. I still have no idea what it was about. Someone do me a favor and remove the memories of it from my brain DX

Also, I bought the most amazing pink plaid shoes :'D and I'm sick, which sucks, but oh well.
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Well, Karla turned up a while ago! Apparently she went to town, got someone to drive her back to Billings, and flew to California, where she's been up until yesterday. But I won't ramble about it because it's none of my business. 

Britt and I are attempting to have Kiona and Nat spend the night, but I don't think it's going to work because Britt never cleans the cat box. 

Yesterday, I was getting some juice out of the frdge and I knocked over the ketchup. It exploded all over the kitchen, and we had to spend 20 minutes cleaning it up. But it was hilarious anyway.

Well, I rented all of the Gravitation DVD's and two of the Bleach ones last week, and today I rented the first three Loveless DVD's, so I'm having a giant blob of anime nerdiness lately, which is fun. I am determined to watch every anime at that store. Fo serious. And I got a Rukia action figure, just for the hell of it because she is awesome (how can anyone who lives in their friend's closet NOT be awesome?). It can with Kon, and Rukia's hands are detatchable so she can put on the one with her punch-Ichigo's-soul-out glove. Fa sho.

Nothing too exciting has been happening. I developed a pretty bad addiction to shoes, but other than that, everything is still normal. (I got some red Converse, some tan leather patchwork boots, and some black platforms today at a garage sale, and I bought some hot pink silk high heels with bows last week D: I'm getting BAD). 

Oh, and on Thursday we went to Big Splash with Sammy, and had pizza afterward. I was so tired from all the swimming, but it was fun beyond all reason. Those water slides are big enough to keel j00 ded.

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