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People on FFN seemed to think this was a good idea, so I'm posting this.

I'm running a fanart contest for Duet. If you guys haven't read it, then don't worry about this XD anyway, the deal is, you draw your favorite scene from the fic (you can wait until the last two chapters are out before you start if you want), and the winner will get their own 5 chapter TamaHaru fanfic. The contest starts today and runs until May 1st. There are no rules... it can be colored, doodled, sketched, traditional or digital media... whatever you'd like. Just send me a link to your art by May! You can post it on DA or here or wherever, as long as there's a working link to it.

Also, there's also info in my DA journal if you frequent that place more! You can send entries to tatteredmemory on deviantart, too ^^ that's me on there.

I hope this isn't really pompous of me to be doing ^^; I just want to see what comes of it.

Good luck! <3

X-posted to my DA.
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I hope you all have the best one possible! X3 I'm going to be spending mine with my family and watching the Ouran outtakes and playing Silent Hill XDDDD sounds like heaven right now.

Also, I wrote this year's V-Day fic. It's TamaHaru (of course) and it borders on being porny. click here to read it.

Sooooo... I've got my hair bleached for my Maria cosplay:
lol pics )
Now I just have to dye the ends and find the material for the skirt and sew it, and make the choker. I already have all the supplies for the choker and belt and I found the top on sale.
But I need to finish my commissions before I plunge into more cosplay work XD thinking back, I should have done an Eileen cosplay before I did anything to my hair XDDDD I look WAY more like Eileen than Maria. I'm not sexy enough to make a convincing Maria OTL but I love her so much. I'm also gonna cosplay Mary (if I can hide my hair's bleached craziness in a bun) and take pics with my Mary and Maria alter egos side by side, and it might be slightly epic. Ha ha ha, it's sad that I actually have the skirt Mary wears without having to go out and buy it. And I don't even dress like that. Best coincidence ever.

ANNNNNND, the Haruhi and Hunny plushies Becca and Val made me are done:
click to see the cutest things in the world )
Uwaaaa, they're so cute X3 the Hunny one is for my friend Sammy, so I hope she'll like it. It's the second part of her Xmas present (I'M SO LATE OTL). Haruhi's dress.... uwaaaa it's different colors than in the actual episode but it's so cute.

AAAAAAND, my Eileen ([ profile] mother_reborn) got accepted to [ profile] aliunde_rpg and I'm so excited X3
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So, there's an update to my muse list over at [ profile] candycoatedmuse, aside from it getting all pretty. The new addition:

[ profile] bornofwishes
Muse: Maria
Fandom: Silent Hill
Currently At: none

I love Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 she's so bitchy and cute and hawt and mysterious and sexually uninhibited XD I'm still not entirely sure whether James just conjured her up as a replacement for Mary or if she actually exists, but whatever. Illusion or not, she's completely full of win. I want her and James to have about a million babies together. I guess technically, given the Maria ending, James/Maria is canon, but I digress.

Anyway, my Maria is looking for a James to RP with. Or a Mary or Eddie or Laura or Angela or even Harry or Henry... or anybody else XD if anyone's interested, feel free to leave a comment here or at her journal. Totally up for cross-fandom RPs, too.

Also, waaaaah ;_; I downloaded the raws of the Ouran special chapter but I couldn't unzip them... it said there was a problem with the file. I want to rip my hair out.
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So, some teacher's pet decided it would be a good idea to nark on me for posting AMV's on Youtube, so chances are my account's deletion is eminent. It's a shame, because I love Ritsu Minami so having his name as my account name was boss ;_; I'll post my new username in an entry when it happens.

Also, COMMISSIONS WILL BE LATE. I have a wrist brace on right now and typing is difficult, not to mention jewelry work. It'll have to wait until I get it off!

AND: my rabid Ouran fangirliness is starting to peter out slightly and needs revived. I'll take any help anyone has to offer because I don't want to lose my passion for this fandom X3

New Memes

Jan. 20th, 2011 04:45 pm
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So, I've started up [ profile] candymemes and I've got some memes running there. Also, I'll be hosting people's memes at the community if anyone has one they want to have hosted!

So anyway:
Ouran Kissing Meme
TamaHaru Kink Meme
Ugly Americans Kink Meme
Medium Kink Meme

Fly on over and make your requests, guys X3 and feel free to fill some if there are any already requested when you get there!
I'm really hoping these memes won't die right away ^^;

Also, I'm working steadily on commissions, so they should be ready sometime soon <3 also, askTamaki is going live chats now X3 chat live with Tama
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So, this weekend was incredible. For serious. SO SO SO incredible. On Friday, I went to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for commissions and almost everything I needed was on sale <3 then that evening, Brittany and Sammy and I went to the local production of Miss Saigon together, and it was beautiful <3 my old choir teacher (and Brittany and Sammy's current choir teacher) played Ellen, Chris' new wife, and she sounded amazing. She had such emotion in her voice that I cried a little during her big song. Also, Sammy and I went to the musical dressed as boys, and the girl at the next table checked me out. I was pretty convincing as a boy XD and then I accidentally went in the girls' bathroom and got weird looks. Oops. Makes me wonder what real trannies do when they need to pee. Because... well... going in the boys' bathroom is awkward for me, even when it looks like I belong there. It was so much fun 8D I love hanging out with Sammy. I didn't really think about it much before, but I've been friends with her since she was 2 years old. Seriously. And an added bonus is that we never run out of things to talk about, because we always have the same fandoms as each other XD <3

crossdressing pic time XD )

Then, on Saturday I went to lunch at Golden Corral and I got a ton of banana pudding, which is why I like to go there (I also filled an edible taco salad bowl with mashed potatoes, fries, and like 6 kinds of non-taco meat XD), and then we went to Costco (Cosco? I don't know how to spell it). At Costco, this really (super) cute guy was giving out samples of an energy drink/vitamin B12 supplement, and I tried the pink lemonade kind and said it was good, and he smiled charmingly at me and gave me a WHOLE BOTTLE OF IT. FREE. That never happens. Guys never flirt with me... especially stunning ones. But this guy totally flirted with me 8D I felt so good about myself all day, which was nice because I was having one of those bad skin days, so I was feeling bad about myself before.

THEN, on Sunday, we went to the mall and I didn't buy anything XD but in Hot Topic this girl said she liked my bag (it's an Ouran one) and I was like "8D you like Ouran too?" and she was like "YOU like Ouran too?" and her friend came up and was like "OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB?" and then we all screamed together and jumped around and went on about how no one in Billings liked it and it was cool to meet someone else who did <3 it was amazing. I felt like I was among my own kind XD also, while at the mall, I was talking about this bomber jacket that I want to buy (it's $40, which is like the equivalent of a $1,000,000,000 by my standards), and my dad gave me $20 toward it... without me even asking. It was so nice.

THEN ON MONDAY, which still counted as the weekend because Brittany had the day off from school, we sat around playing Sims 2 all day until later when we bleached our hair together <3 she's doing pink and blue streaks underneath like Katy Perry and I'm doing pink on the ends like Maria from Silent Hill 2 <3 it's going to be so awesome! Right now I still have the blonde ends but tomorrow I'm doing the pink. I'll post pics when I get it done... and some cosplay pics. Brittany has a jacket like the one James wears, and I have the boots and skirt (well, it's a shirt but I can make it look like it's a skirt XD) to be Maria, so we're going to take some funny pics. We also have a TamaHaru photoshoot planned. Not the cute kind, though XD she's going to be Tamaki and we're taking pictures of her holding a broken wine glass up to my neck.

So, this weekend was INCREDIBLE. I feel like I can take on the world.
I'll be working on commissions this week, so those of you who have one coming, it should be ready soon. I'm not setting a date, though, because I don't want to rush the pieces to meet a deadline. I want them to be beautiful.
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So, Christmas was a lot of fun! My family spent a lot of time together and we baked and did crafts and stuff like that XD we also watched the Thai version of Shutter together and screamed a lot. It was a blast.

I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, and I named it James Sunderland XD I'm such a Silent Hill nerd. I'm ALMOST as nerdy for SH as I am for Ouran, but not quite. Speaking of Silent Hill, we're about halfway done with SH 4 ;_; IF EILEEN DIES, I'LL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF. I want one of the good endings. I don't care if our apartment is haunted as long as Eileen doesn't drown in the blood-water. Yes, I looked at spoilers, but it was an accident ;_; I'm also making an SH 2 video for "Only" by NIN, because it's so perfect for James and Pyramid Head and Maria. I might post it here later, but I doubt anyone cares XD

Also, here's this year's Ouran Xmas fic <3 it's TamaHaru, but it always is XD Blah, that couple is too cute. Things had better stay good between them in the oneshot this month, or I'll cry forever.

Anyway, how was everybody's holiday!? And if I've talked to you about giving you an Xmas present (you know who you are), PM me your addresses so I can send them!
Those of you who I'm writing fics, please be patient a little longer ^^;
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So, this is my adoptable:

Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Click him to help me level him up? 8D
Gosh, he's so cute.
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I'm running on 1 hour of sleep from 5 this morning when I dozed off, and I can't fall asleep for the life of me. I'm starting to be able to hear colors. I think I'll go and try to sleep again.

Also, who else is excited for the new Ouran oneshot coming out in January? I can barely wait. I want me some TamaHaru fluff.

PS, I'm taking one-shot TamaHaru requests at the moment, speaking of TamaHaru. I fail at writing anything but TamaHaru lately, which is why it's so specific.
Throw me a prompt/scenario and I'll write it up for you! <3

I'm so tired ;_;
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As promised on FFN, a discussion of the ending of the Ouran manga! Beware of spoilers if you haven't finished the series!

First of all... can I say MAJOR MOE TIME? My heart actually flew out of my mouth and danced on the keyboard during the scene on the balcony.Two kisses in a row... I think that qualifies as officially too adorable to handle. And the fact that Haruhi didn't object to Tamaki coming to Boston with her means that they've come a long way. Also, it was adorable that the other hosts showed up to live with them too. It killed a lot of the romanticness but that's their job, isn't it? XD All in all I don't have any qualms with the way the series ended like I thought I would. It was so fluffy and happy and adorable... and I cried. Like a baby. I admit it. I liked that the ending didn't feel final... it left room for more to happen and it made me happy. Fanfiction time!

I loved the way that the series ended with so much humor and joy, just as it's always been. Bisco Hatori has a lot of skill with making the relationships between the characters as complex as they are adorable and that really shone through in the last few chapters. It must have been hard to finish a series 83 chapters long and never give up, so I give her major props.

So, what does everyone else think?

Also, [ profile] lovinjerryt, I posted that fic set after the manga that I wrote for you. It's here <3 Enjoy, my lovely wife!

Also, just because I didn't do it yet: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <3 <3 <3 OMG TAMAHARU!
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Okay, so, fandom rant, alright? I know there are more important things going on right now, but seriously...
So, Peach Girl made me laugh out loud. It was adorable and fun and crazy and I loved it. I read it back in high school (it was actually my first shoujo manga... Gravitation totally doesn't count XD).So I found Peach Girl: A Change of Heart (the second series) at the library and checked out the first three volumes. And... gah. While the original series was lighthearted and amusing, ACoH is just.... ugh. It's just an endless repetitive cycle of attempted rape and relationship problems. Cycle: Momo gets mad at Kiley for something stupid and gets jealous and decides he doesn't love her. Thinks about Toshi for like ten minutes. Momo almost gets raped and Kiley saves her. She forgives him and then they're happy and totally in love for like ten minutes. Then this cycle repeats. Over and over and over. And let's not forget Sae's attempts to sabotage Momo's happiness every five minutes. Wow. NO relationship should be as dramatic and as much trouble as Momo and Kiley's. Honestly she'd probably be happier on her own because she second guesses and overanalyzes everything and causes drama that's not really there when she has a boyfriend.I am so tired of this series /: it's the only manga I've ever read and then wanted to drop altogether. Maybe since I'm used to things like Ouran I'm spoiled and just assume that the heroine is supposed to be sane and there's supposed to be humor. But oh well.

Anyway, on to other matters. On the subject of chapter 81 of Ouran: HOLY SHIT MOE TIME. TamaHaru FTW. Tamaki and Haruhi are super cute when they're actually in a relationship ^^ That chapter kinda completed my life a little bit. Love. Tamaki's still such a damn idiot, though. When he said he didn't love her at first I wanted to kill him. If anyone knows where I can read or download the next chapter when it comes out (since Ouran is suddenly like an illegal drug for scanlation sites), I'd love if you'd tell me! I found a site that still hosts scanlations of the Ouran manga

In other news, financial issues are getting a little better. We paid our house payment and so I'm not so worried anymore. Not going to be able to afford internet any time soon, but I'm surprised to find I don't miss it much anymore. I got online today and found I didn't really have much I wanted to do. I miss everybody, but I guess it's not the hugest deal in the world. Next time I get online I'll probably have a new chapter of Duet to post.

On Saturday we threw my sister a surprise party. It was fun as hell and she was SO surprised. It was super awesome.We played Sims and Clue and Silent Hill: Homecoming (which is extremely scary, by the way. Not as good as Silent Hill 2, but still scary). There also turned out to be enough money in the change jar for us to be able to just barely afford to go to the fair. I gave my parents a lecture about how we should be using that money to pay bills and they were just like "Geez, just go and have fun." I swear, I'm turning into an old woman. But we're going to the fair tomorrow with Kiona, Natalie, and Sammy. It should be fun.

Everything is going alright despite the financial situation, and Brittany and I have been playing a lot of Sims to pass the time. School starts next week and I'm going to be bored sitting around the house. I want to look for a second job but when the cleaning job is in full swing I already work about seven hours a day cleaning and I don't need MORE work. I guess I just have to hope business picks up soon. Maybe there'll be a lot of cleaning around Christmas. I only have $4 left so I hope it happens sooner than later XD

Well, I guess I should go. I hope to talk to you guys soon!
My cell is behind the cut ) if anyone needs to get a hold of me, since I won't be available online much for a while yet <3
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[ profile] lovinjerryt and I are reading it together as we speak.


All of my TamaHaru fandom will reach its climax in the next chapter, whether for good or bad.
If he rejects her, I will slap him upside the head a million times.
And I will come after Bisco
--end spoilers--
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So, I participate in the whole Ask the Host Club thing on Formspring XD and on one of my accounts I keep getting questions from a few Haruhis not involved in it, which is fine but...

DX Am I the ONLY Haruhi on Formspring that has the ability to remain even SLIGHTLY in-character? *gripes*

I mean, look at this:
Q: If Hikaru asked you to marry him what would you do?
A: >//< Kyaaah! Of course Of course!

*dies from OCCness* It's not even about the fact that Haruhi does not love Hikaru (at all) in the canon. It's just... good lord. ;_;

*shuts up because it doesn't even matter*

Anyway, on second thought, that second Haruhi isn't THAT OOC ^^;
But the first is just horrible.
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SO ANYWAY, I know it's pretty late but... OURAN CHAPTER 79 WAS AMAZING XD I'm so late saying this that I won't even put a spoiler warning, since I'm pretty sure I'm the last person on earth to finally read it. I'm glad Tama is getting along with his grandmother now, but he can be so stubborn that I want to club him over the head /: he waits 3 years to see his mother, and when he finally can, he refuses? I want to bitchslap him. And I want to shake Haruhi for thinking her confession isn't going to make an impact on him. UWA!! Also, those papers Yuzuru gave her, I'm thinking, are papers for her to be an exchange student like previously mentioned, maybe? Because I really hope she doesn't end up leaving DX that would be the world's worst way to end a manga. I'm totally nervous for the next chapter. I'm not sure whether Bisco Hatori is the kind of person who would leave an ending unsatisfying or not. I hope not.

So, my dreams last night were horrible ;_; I kept having dreams about people killing themselves. It was like... one woman shot herself and then it switched to a guy hanging himself and then this couple throwing themselves off a building together DX it continued on like that all night. I kept waking up and then when I went back to sleep, I would have more of those dreams. I even tried reading Ouran to give me happy dreams, but it didn't change anything. It just kept playing various death scenes over and over like movies in my head and I couldn't shut it off. And the first guy who hung himself's death showed up three separate times. ;_; I've been really moody today, and that's probably why. Plus I'm tired, but I have to go to work soon. Also, I want to go and RP on my Haruhi account, but I sorta got up in the Hikaru RPer's face (outside of the RP, not as Haruhi) about her messing with the RP's pre-established couples and sexual orientations and now I'm worried she hates me /: I feel so bad. But it had to be done.

BUT I started making this line of super cute little figurines... of cupcakes and ice cream and cake and such, and they have little faces. I'm making jewelry with them too. I'll probably be selling them here and on DA and Etsy. I'll post some pics when I get some of them done. They're various sizes and foods and colors and they come in two different scents. I'm so happy with them! <3 WEEEE!
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So, here is that TamaHaru I promised last time ^^; look out for ridiculous helpings of fluff! The summary makes it sound depressing, but it isn't at all XD

Also: WAAAAHG DX Someone gave me spoilers for the new chapter of Ouran, which came out in Japan today. Aside from the fact that the contents of said new chapter are disappointing to me, I also HATE SPOILERS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! AHHHHHHHHHH! WHY WOULD SOMEONE SPOIL THAT FOR ME! I want to scream DX< *tears out soul*

And lookit:

Taste the Rainbow X3 by ~tatteredmemory on deviantART
Pretty? XD I had fun with the rainbow colors.
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So anyway, you have no idea... tomorrow (well, today since it's 4:00 AM already XD) there is... AN INTERNATIONAL FOOD FAIR! And guess who's going? This girl is, that's who. I love foreign culture a lot and food is probably my favorite part of culture since I'm such a glutton. Wah, I love to eat. I hope there'll be a lot of food from Norway and Japan and Korea and France <3 especially Norway, since I'm half Norwegian and so I kinda grew up loving the food from there. But oh my god, it's going to be fun. [ profile] suddenkiss (Kiona) is going to be there, so weeee X3 she and Brittany and I will have a ton of fun. I've been so busy this week that I've barely had any time for stuff like that. I CAN'T WAIT!

And also, I cleaned this amazing house on Monday O: it was huge! It had like a million bedrooms and bathrooms and a jacuzzi bathtub and a parlor and separate rooms IN the bathrooms for the showers and toilets. It was... so cool and pretty. THERE WERE COLUMNS IN THE DINING ROOM! LIKE IN THE DAMN WHITE HOUSE! It was the prettiest house ever, and though I don't usually really concern myself with grandeur I couldn't help but realize I'd give anything to live in a house like that XD but fate won't allow that. I have a feeling that since I don't care much about money or getting an illustrious job that I'll always be poor. Oh well. But but but, Brittany came to help clean the house toward the end, and we reenacted The Shining XDDDDD it was so much fun. I got to be Jack, and I couldn't stop laughing while I was locked in the pantry. It was the best time ever. And FYI, Brittany was Wendy. It was lolz when she knocked me down the stairs and then dragged me into the pantry.

And now, here's that TamaHaru I promised XD
don't kill me for for fluff X3 )

Well, I need some sleep now XD <3
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So guys, the other day I was at Borders killing some time and trying to avoid the temptation to buy stretchy rubber animals and making small talk with Nathan about both of our new haircuts, and I happened to be thumbing through notebooks and found this:

I died a little inside when I saw this )

I was just like "O: wh...what?" for like a full minute and then my heart stopped. And then I screamed. And then, despite the fact that I NEED TO BE SAVING MY MONEY GODDAMMIT I'M ON A BUDGET GAH I rushed up to the counter and bought it. I was trying to justify my actions to the cashier for some reason and I was like "See I... I really need this. I can't really afford it but I need it. You know? You know? It makes me feel like flying inside, you know? Right? 8DDDDDDD Yeah?" and she was like "/: Uh..." Poor lady. I always feel bad for people who get caught on my warpath when I'm in an enthusiastic mood ^^;

They also had pencil bags, stickers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, and gel pens, but I restrained myself because I couldn't afford to spend like $40 on that kind of thing right now. But it hurt not buying them. It hurt.

Also lol:

I run the Tama one and my best friend [ profile] suddenkiss runs the Kyouya one XD she spent the night this weekend and instilled in me the madness required to make something like that. Enjoy. We also made a blanket fort and it was AMAZING 8D it took up half the old daycare wing of my house. It was enormous, for a blanket fort. And we watched The Final Destination, which was okay but not phenomenal. But it was hilarious when George was sitting there after his attempt at suicide failed and he was just chatting casually with Lori and whatshisface with the cut noose still around his neck. Sadly I remember the name of every single character except for the main character who had those premonitions XD We had this candy that was rose and lemon flavored from Istanbul, and though it wasn't really delicious or anything, we couldn't stop eating it all night and commenting on how it tasted like old people. I really want more now O: I really, really, really love anything from foreign countries. It fascinates me. I'm like... the world's biggest tourist even in my own hometown.

And finally, me and Brittany discovered the BEST game in the world. We go to Target in the CD section and one of us chooses a CD and does the same pose as the artist on the front. Then the other tries to guess who we are by looking at the CDs and trying to find the pose that matches the one we're doing. It works best in the hip hop section. It's so much fun and it's also free, which is a big selling point with both of us these days since we're both kinda low on cash XDDD Brittany's like "we're paving the way in commoner entertainment lol" We also like to watch people shop and make up soap opera style backstories for them.

Anyway, today we're going to Taco Bell after she gets home at 1 and buying stuff off the 99 cent menu and then we're going to Target to play that game and pine over things we can't buy in the stuffed animal aisle. It should be fun <3
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So, you know how I've been griping about the "history" prompt fic for [ profile] ouran_contest all week? Well, on Tuesday night I planned to go to bed early, but instead, I ended up pulling an all-nighter and... I FINISHED THE FIC! I'm rather pleased, I must say. I think it warrants using the happy icon again XD It's got drama, intrigue, romance, and moments of lesbianism... plus it's TamaHaru XDD So anyway... click here if you're [ profile] lovinjerryt and are going to beta read it, or if you're someone else who just wants to read the rough draft XD

THANKS SO MUCH FOR BETA READING THIS WIFEY! I APPRECIATE IT! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I added some suggestions at the beginning in case that helps, just in case you're the kind of person who likes details when doing something like this like I am X3 I'LL WRITE YOU THE BEST FIC EVER! I STARTED IT ALREADY KINDA! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Anyway, I found some Liberace records in my house, and I've grown to love that man ♥ such fabulosity. I've never heard such passion in piano playing before. And I finally got me a new sleep schedule XD I can't sleep well at night, so I go to bed at 11 at night and I only sleep until like 3 or 4 in the morning, and then I have a ton more time to get things done. It's unhealthy, but wonderful.

PS, does anybody know how I could go about updating Firefox on Linux? My laptop has Linux, and I downloaded the new version of Firefox and I have absolutely no idea how to install it |:

And also: [ profile] daffodillity XDDDD
I made a community where I'll be posting my icons and other graphics. I'm transferring stuff from my journals over there right now. Feel free to join if you like my icons ♥
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So anyway....

I'm the living embodiment of my OTP lol ♥♥♥ I got stamped over at [ profile] ouranstamping, and you should all totally join and post your apps, because I'm trying to make sure that place stays as active as it currently is.
I find my results for the character stamp kinda odd, since I always saw myself as more of a Kasanoda or Tamaki kind of person XD but I suppose the stamps don't lie. I was a Haruhi in high school, and apparently part of that stuck with me *lols*

This week, my new mantra has become "don't get distracted, don't get distracted, don't get distracted" because I can't seem to help myself. I was trying to write earlier, and I ended up doing all of the housework I had planned for the whole week all at once. And then later I meant to write and I made toast instead *doom* What is wrong with me!? My deadline is like "hey, here I come" and I'm like "la la la 8U what's that over there!?" Pathetic.

I'm like THIS close to giving up on this stupid story that's eating at me for now and writing something else for the contest. Because I've had bits and pieces of the beginning of it written for TWO YEARS and it's still not done (the Ouran one for the "history" prompt, by the way. "Rossignol" is going just fine but I don't need to finish that yet).


Actually, I'm a liar and I'll probably update to whine about how I can't keep focused on my work, really

EDIT: Why does it smell like wine in my room? I should have known. My Haruhi plushie must be a wino. Why didn't you warn me, Stef!? XDDDDD

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