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So, I was riding my bike today, and I rode by this really, really ridiculously sexy blonde guy. He was so damn attractive, to the point that I wondered "am I suddenly in a shoujo manga?". And this really, really ridiculously beautiful boy SMILED at me, and said "hi!". So, naturally, I gathered myself and said hi back... at which point my skirt got caught in my bike and I wobbled around, trying desperately not to crash into a tree or a rock or a street sign. All the while, mister-too-pretty-to-exist-in-this-dimension was watching like "O.O". I managed not to crash, and at least he didn't laugh... he just seemed concerned. Pride wounded, I just kind of sighed and rode away. And so, what did we learn?

I should not ride a bike in a skirt
I should not flirt on a bike
Maybe I shouldn't flirt at all?
Life does not = shoujo manga, which means pretty boys + me does not = good times
I'm sure there's something else, but I'm tired
Skirts are a pain in the ass

In other news, my family had a garage sale, and I made over $100. Which means that finally, finally finally, I will be able to BUY things. I've been broke for so long! Today, I went to Taco Bell and had a crunch wrap, which tastes even better knowing that I didn't scrape change from under my bed to pay for it/I'll be able to buy other things and have not just spent ALL my money on food that is bad for me. YAY!

Also, do you guys think it would be lame of me to spend x-many dollars on a paid account for the sole purpose of not having to rotate through userpics and being able to have as many as I want? Relatedly, my new userpic is the cutest thing in the world. I made it myself, after FINALLY learning that I have an image editing program on this laptop ^^; It's made from art from an Ouran poster that I might buy, along with a Hello Kitty one. My room is pink, so I'm trying to find posters that go well with it. Though to be fair, none of the posters I have now match XD Rocky Horror and pink don't really mix, but I love it more than I love matching.

PS, I've been online for 2 hours and I haven't accomplished ANYTHING DX

PPS, now my TamaHaru fics have an archive --> [ profile] sugarysky

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... not really. I hate having to give entries titles. What if they're not important enough to have real subject matter? D:

I'm sick again! AGAIN! Bah! I've been so doped up on cold medicine over the past few days that I haven't been able to do much but function on autopilot, but now I'm a little bit normal. I drew some weird fanart while I was all dope and such, and... yeah, I lost my train of thought.


So anyway, Frank Sinatra is amazing. I got a CD of his greatest hits at the pawn shop the other day while I was shopping for an amp because mine sucks (and I didn't buy one because I couldn't afford it). I knew I liked him before, but I didn't know he was this freaking awesome. Love his sound. Love. Yes, I'm a dork. But hey, music is music, and it's all good.

This journal needs a new look, but I don't know how I should make it look, and so that thought is dead before it got started.

I dropped the lid of my chapstick >:B Now it's going to get all over inside my purse. It's my grandma's birthday, and her party is soon, but everyone's just kind of sitting around, asleep, or not home, so I can't help but wonder if we're going at all. Yeah.

Oh and yeah, I've been meaning to post art for a long time, but I'm lazy so you can all just see it at my deviantart:

I'm working on a new fanfic for [profile] gorillazslash for a while, but who cares, yes?

'Night, pimps.

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