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So I've been up all night because I can't sleep, because my protagonist has suddenly started to take shape and the getting is good for writing right now. I don't know how it is for other people, but for me, writing is either feast or famine. I mean when it's famine I still write anyway, even though it's dry and tasteless and makes no sense. I've got this whole folder of stuff I wrote through famine periods, because my fingers move on the keyboard no matter what. But when it's feast, it flows endlessly and it's like I have some weird connection to some distant world of magic or something that sends these thoughts and this sort of weird wisdom I'm sure I don't really have into my fingers, through my heart and not my brain. Like, my brain has no part of writing when it's feast.

But the point of all this is that I was thinking that I want to be annoyed because my writing won't let me sleep, but all I can be is happy because all I can think about is how much I LOVE WRITING. Seriously, it's the one thing I've been consistently passionate about since I could form coherent thoughts. Before I could hold a pencil I would come up with these long and complicated tales on my head and draw them out in scribbles, and then in grade school I'd tap out these stupid long stories on notebook paper, and then eventually I moved on to writing horror novels in notebooks in high school. And then I discovered writing on the computer and I was pumping out thousands of words a week of crappy fanfiction and horrific tales of the occult, endlessly, until it started becoming something like actual novels. I think I've morphed into a completely separate person at least four times since I got really into writing, but this crazy blinding passion for it is something that's remained consistent no matter what, no matter how sad or scared or self-loathing or stupid or jaded or whatever else I've ever been I was, writing still WORKED. It's like this connection to something outside of myself, something bigger, some other world that I can only scrape a little bit of fairy dust off the edge of when I write. Is this what it feels like for monks when they meditate? Is this that sublime state of mind they reach, or what? Am I tasting it a little bit? It's so exciting to think about, and it makes me so damn happy.

So wow... that was a novel in itself, wasn't it? XD I guess the point of this is that it's good to have passion for at least one thing, even if it's just purely recreational like mine is.

So what's your passion? Comment here, or write up your own minirant and link me to it. I want to know <3
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I LIED GAIZ! I said that my last entry was image heavy, but this one is worse XDDDD

So, you guys, my sister Brittany and I are hardcore addicted to Disgaea I and II lately XD we've been leveling up our team on Disgaea I and now they're all level 10 *brushes back a tear* I love Flonne to pieces, by the way *points frantically to userpic* SHE'SSOCUTE! I think that "Nice to meet you! I'm an assassin!" might be the best quote I've heard in a while. Gosh, I'm pretty sure I wants me some Laharl x Etna, but he's cute with Flonne and Vyers too. Damn, I can't pick so I'll just have them all. Tell me I'm not the only one who's obsessively playing these games, guys O:
Disgaea plz )

So anyway, along the course of leveling up our team, we just did the practice level 300 times (yes, really) where you defeat a bunch of ghosts and one hobbit, and came across the following things that I had to photograph since Brittany and I loled over them and if you're a fan of Ouran, I'm sure you'll find them amusing as well:
veiled Ouran references, or am I just a huge nerd? )

Also, I decided it would be good to take a picture of me with the Haruhi plushie that [ profile] stefanie_k got me for Xmas <3 I love it to pieces and I've been snuggling it all week. Just look at the little plushie... HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?!?
me and Haruhi... as well as the other plushies X3 )
Ritsuka, Soubi, Tamaki, and Interi were all made for me by my friends Becca and Val <3 they make such cute plushies and they're so skilled 8D Interi is actually a character of mine from a novel/fantasy RP so he's not from any particular anime and they still did amazing with not a lot of references. Geez.

In other news, I signed up with Guiltless Pleasure publishing today! <3 which means that I have a manuscript underway and I'm way too excited! It's a company that publishes mostly fantasy erotica, and I've got the perfect idea for what they might enjoy XD or make that two perfect ideas. So, expect me to be super busy even after I finish my to-do list. YAAAAAAAAAAY! I need something to do with my free time since as I'm sure you all know (since I'm always bitching about it) I've been temporarily laid off /:

And finally, I told [ profile] yurecia a long time ago that I would post a picture of how amazing the TamaHaru print I bought from her looked on my desk, and I just now got around to it XD So here it is:
TamaHaru on my desktop, plz 8D )
She's like... my favorite artist in the entire world <3 Her work is so gorgeous. I really, really wish she was more confident about her art!
Jesus, I'm so addicted to TamaHaru right now /: It huuuuuuuuuuuurts. Instead of getting anything done, I keep randomly writing drabbles for the couple. Damn you Future-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Suoh and your unborn children! 8D
PS anyone want me to post said TamaHaru drabbles? Have 10 minutes to kill? XD

And... I'll shut up for now. Until next tiiiiime.

EDIT: I JUST REALIZED I HAVE THE SAME BEDSPREAD AS ARIEL FROM MEDIUM HOLY SHIT! *points at photos above* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 *dies a happy fangirl death*
lolJoe )
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So, despite the fact that I didn't finish, this year's was a very productive NaNoWriMo. I managed to get 12,700 words out of 50,000, which isn't too bad considering I'm such a horrible procrastinator. Also, I finally got to write the story I've had buzzing in my head since I was in high school XD It was supposed to be a real fairy tale, but it turned out as a comedy and more satirical than anything, poking fun at all the weird stuff that happens in fairy tales that makes no sense (especially ones about princesses) and all the stupid cliches.

I'm so, so happy with this story, mostly because it's so personal (nearly every character was inspired heavily by someone I went to high school with X3 especially King Jules, who is based on my friend Calvin, who never walks but runs and never talks but screams and every time he sees me, he sneaks up on me and swings me in circles and since he's so tall and I'm short, I can't do anything about it. I swear, he's crazy XD). Just in case I forgot to mention before, it's about a princess who has to pretend to be a prince so she can be heir to the throne and keep her family's birthright. Which of course = madness and hilarity.

If anyone is interested in reading part or all of the story that I have written so far, they can click here ;D If anyone decides to read it, tell me what you think?

Anyway, you should all tell me all about your NaNo stories and your triumphs, terrors, and heartbreak while writing them. And if any of you finished, good for you! I'm so proud!

Now to focus on Christmas shopping... 8D And work *totally not looking forward to work today*

PS: can anyone here think of a good title for a story about a crossdressing princess? I'm stumped.
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For those of you who read this, I started a new community. It's about a novel I'm writing and it's so people can add feedback and such. It's at [profile] 1liquidsunshine

So check it out and if ya feel like joining, that'd be great, too! ^_^

That's about it.

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