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I have important things to journal about but that comes later because for now...

my new audio addiction )

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I CAN'T BELIEVE BRITTANY MURPHY IS DEAD! ;_; I'M SO SAD! It just feels so unreal to find out that a celebrity I loved is gone. It doesn't feel like it could have really happened. I fully plan to watch all of her movies that I have on DVD this week to mourn her passing. *corner of woe* She will be greatly missed. I just... gosh, it's so sad. She was an amazing actress and her roles and lines and delivery always made me laugh.

Anyway, trying to myself up: the musical feast was amazing <3 The food was really good and Brittany made the best waitress! ^^ She was so polite and I totally had to give her a huge tip I couldn't afford. Her French was impeccable, too! Natalie was there because she played in the band at the beginning, and I was talking to her and she was looking at me weird and kind of trying to get away, and then she was like "DANIE!? IS THAT YOU!?" XD I was wearing makeup, so she didn't recognize me. Apparently I could go undercover as a different girl by just wearing makeup *never bothers to* So Natalie came and sat at the table with me and my parents and got free food XD Also, Brooke (my friend from high school) was at our table too! We got caught up and it was really nice. I had a great time. The music was beautiful!

I did more Xmas shopping on Saturday, and I got my gifts for EVERYONE but Lisa and Sammy. Sammy because I FORGOT to buy her the Naruto pencil sharpener *suicide* and Lisa because I always have trouble shopping for her XD It's like... it's impossible to find a gift for her that I deem good enough. Yeesh, being in love complicates stuff *rubs temples* I've been trying to find her a gift for three months! I WANT TO BE FINISHED SO I CAN STOP STRESSING! I NEVER STRESS SO WHAT THE HELL!?

So anyway, when I was typing "I'm a Slave 4 U" in the music space, I typed "I'm a Salve 4 U" at first and cracked up XDDDDD If I laugh much harder, I'm going to NEED some salve for my ripped sides.

Well... I'm so excited for Christmas that I can barely even breathe at this point. <3 <3 ,3 <3 Bring it on, world!

Also, Ouran chapter 77 is coming out this week *needs* I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ALREADY! TamaHaru, plz.
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Well, I got my Gorillaz figures last week! <3 They're so cool and I will eat them! 2D's head falls off like every three seconds, but I don't care, I love them anyway (2D is my favorite, but don't tell the others). Now I'll have to make a bunch of retarded videos with them and completely soil their glory and dignity. 

We had the talent show on the 9th... I don't remember if I wrote about it or not. But yeah, it went really well. It made me really realize how much I want to be famous. I want to be able to do that every day, to stand on stage and make the things inside come out in words that people actually respond to, I want to make people feel the music like so many people have done for me. It's almost like a zen thing for me, being on stage and singing like that, seeing the way people react, making people actually LISTEN... for once not just being the weird kid in the back of the class... for once actually being in my element. Every time we have a talent show or choir concert, every time I sing, I feel like I'm exactly where I belong. So, I don't care how it happens, or when, and I know I'll also be writing, but I really want my job to be to stand there on stage night after night and sing. And to have the power that being famous brings you... the power to make a difference, and to change things that need changing. People listen to you when you're famous. People CARE about what you have to say. 

Which is why I'm really hoping the band will work out. Even though singing is what I love most, I still love my bass, but I'm not that great at it. And then Natalie doesn't have a drum set and can't afford to buy one, we're all still in school (well, I graduate in 2 months, but then Natalie won't be graduating for 6 years, and the others have 5 years to go). None of us know how to play our instruments, besides Sammy who rules at life. And we can't afford a recording studio... and my lyrics are messed up to the point where they're so cryptic that they make no sense. XD I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to figure out our obstacles. Oh well. Somehow, no matter what it takes, I know we'll make it eventually. Because we've already declared ourselves the world's greatest band (LAWLZ), and that's a little too big of a claim to make and not try our asses off to get somewhere, even if we were joking when we said it.

Natalie decided that we're called Second Dimension, by the way, without anyone else's input. She's a nazi, but we love her XD

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So, this is layout is like, the best ever, right? *hair flip*
Seriously, though, it's so coooool. The font is so teeny and the little cans of spray paint everywhere make me happy in the pants. I want to eat a squirrel. 

SO I've been thinking, right? *is hyper*... how cool would it be to make a song... a song that is dub-influenced, Salsa-based, Japanese pop-style 20's influenced Techno-brushed crazy rock? I mean HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? Seriously... think of it... all these random style of mysic that most people don't even like rolled into one to create this big... super-song! It would be the greatest thing since canned squid. I wish someone would just take a million styles of music and cram them together, use them all as influences for a single, greatest-ever-ohiloveyouhavemybabies song! It would be the shiznig, yo. 

I may cram this into Operation Filth. I may, and see what people's results are. 
I am the greatest evil genius who ever lived. 
OK not really. 
I kind of


What? What? Get that outta my face D: NOOOO!


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