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Well, not much is up today. We went to the mall yesterday, which was oodles of fun, of course. I got a neato sparkly picture frame shaped like a strawberry, and put a photo of my friends flipping off the camera in it. It looks so cool. I got Lisa a friendship necklace with a sparkly duck on it for her birthday, but don't tell her! Shh! 

My nails are so long that typing is really hard. I keep hitting the wrong keys. 


And now, here's some art that I drew this morning:

Peace, guys! <3
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I'm so happy! ^_^ I could seriously just sing right about now! (not that I don't usually feel like it, but still). Today, I have been friends with Krystle for exactly 3 years! We've had our rough patches (most involving her evil ex-boyfriend), but we've made it through! No matter what, we've always been there for each other, and even though we live a few states apart, we've never really lost touch! 

Here's a picture I drew for her of us:

And, I drew some 2dXMurdoc oekaki, and you can
click for Murdsx2D cuteness

The fireworks were AWESOME last night! They were shorter than normal, but they were so beautiful that I couldn't stop staring. It was a lot of fun lighting our own, too, because the guy at the fireworks stand was SO nice and sold us this huge package with artillery shells in it for $30! And so we got to light a lot of cool ones. Soe tipped over and shot at us, but the running for our lives and the added element of danger just made it more fun XD I loved it. I ate so many lemon heads, I still feel a little sick. But it was just awesome and so much fun! 

I updated Hey Pretty... I FINALLY got chapter 13 posted! I am such a jerk... it took 2 months to finish that chapter ^_^; I've had writer's block BAD. 

I want some strawberry pocky, BADLY, and I've had 19-2000 stuck in my head all day. I LOVE that song! It's so fun. 

Well... I guess that's about all I have to say for now! PEACE!

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