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My fandom life is in shambles at the moment. My real life is going great, but I must take a moment to lament my fandom life, since it's not really a big deal enough to mention to people I know IRL XDDDDD I feel slightly better because of how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME the Ouran oneshot was, but I'll post about that later. Because for now:

I read about the Medium series finale and... JOE IS DEAD. What the fuck? Joe, the object of my moe since episode one, died in a PLANE CRASH. What? WHAT!? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? After a long, loving marriage Allison loses him to a PLANE CRASH in the FINAL EPISODE? WHAT WAS THE POINT? Did they just WANT me to lose my soul? I can see if Jake Weber wanted to quit so they killed of his character but the show was OVER with no chance of being renewed. And they killed him anyway.
I absolutely refused to believe that the episode ever happened.
I will not watch it.

Also, I got the ending in Silent Hill 2 where James commits suicide. Great. 2 of my moe objects dead (and we had to kill Maria, too). At least I can try again on SH2 and get an ending where everything turns out just hunky dory for James and he married Maria and has a million babies (in the future, of course)...


New Memes

Jan. 20th, 2011 04:45 pm
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So, I've started up [ profile] candymemes and I've got some memes running there. Also, I'll be hosting people's memes at the community if anyone has one they want to have hosted!

So anyway:
Ouran Kissing Meme
TamaHaru Kink Meme
Ugly Americans Kink Meme
Medium Kink Meme

Fly on over and make your requests, guys X3 and feel free to fill some if there are any already requested when you get there!
I'm really hoping these memes won't die right away ^^;

Also, I'm working steadily on commissions, so they should be ready sometime soon <3 also, askTamaki is going live chats now X3 chat live with Tama
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So, I got my computer back from the repair place <3 they were very friendly and they helped me out a lot, and we palled around for a while before I went home. It cost a lot less than they said it would, too. Pleasant surprise. They were the ones I originally bought my computer from. So if you ever have computer issues, I would highly recommend Acorn Technologies. I call them all the time when I have a random computer issue XD I'm still not going online on my computer until I get better virus protection, though. Not sure if I trust Norton anymore. I'll be on my laptop for a while longer yet.

I'm still pissed/sad about the job issue, but I'm not dwelling on it too much. I sold my first piece of jewelry today on DA (to my friend Dove XD). It was an ootoro ring like the one from Ouran. If any of you guys want one, they're $5 and shipping within the US (for the moment, at least) is free. I'll also make other kinds of jewelry if you want to request something...

So did you guys see the new episode of Medium on Friday? I totally wanted to kill Joe for a minute. How DARE he nearly leave Allison? For that hobag of a doctor who hit on him WHEN SHE KNEW HE WAS MARRIED? If I didn't have such a fangirl crush on him I'd start hating him right about now. He had BETTER redeem himself in the next episode. FKKJSGLJW if they get a divorce, then I'm officially not watching the show anymore XD

Speaking of shows.. HAVE YOU GUYS STARTED WATCHING UGLY AMERICANS YET?! AHHHH! It's officially made of 100% pure awesome. I love everything about it. Also, Mark is adorable. I could get some fangirling in about that guy XD And the jokes are hilarious and it's just so... fresh. I like the way it presents itself as not a big deal... it's such an interesting show. With every episode I come closer to being completely engulfed by its awesomeness. And the characters are all incredible too. And so are Callie's boobs.

I'll rant again later. Halloween was awesome. I'll probably rant about that. <3

I think things are getting better.
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So, I was helping [ profile] lovinjerryt out with her HikaKao fanmix, and it made me really, really want to make one of my own! I ended up making two (one of which is a TamaHaru one that I'm not done with yet XD). So, here's one of them. It's JoexAllison, because I'm just kinda the world's biggest nerd, right? I really, really wanted Hoku's "I'm Scared" to be on it but I couldn't find it anywhere.

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream... )

Thank you for providing me with such unholy inspiration, Kelsy <3 I luffles you.

I'll post the TamaHaru one if I can ever find all the songs I want to put on it ;_;
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I totally think this warrants use of my Joe Dubois icon (OMG Medium is so totally my drug right now. Did you guys see "Allison Rolen Got Married"? It made me cry like seriously. I bawled until the end and then I was like "Ooh yay fluff X3". And I finally saw the pilot this weekend. Lol Texas Rangers).

So, this weekend I decided to make some chicken gnocchi soup for my family, because it's my favorite soup and I love to cook but I hadn't tried making it before. I've been trying to find out what kind of soup is was for ages and I finally did, and the temptation to make it was irresistible. But sadly, I made a classic mistake that someone who's been cooking since childhood should have remembered not to make for the millionth time: I overestimated how much flour I needed.

I was cursing at it and my dad was like "what's wrong with it? It looks fine" and then I explained that it was supposed to be soup and he agreed that there was definitely a problem and then made fun of me XD

It also didn't taste good, because aside from the overly-floury taste, the dumplings mixed in with the gluey broth because they were so soft and the broth was a little too thick, and they made it doubly so. The result was this ball of paste-like nasty bread-flavored horror:

let this be a lesson to you )

I also burned the fried dumplings and garlic bread I made to go on the side XD so the whole meal was fail and my family and I got a great laugh out of the whole thing. But my sister made a cake that turned out perfect, so we ate that for dinner instead <3 I'm going to make it again this weekend. And I will continue to make it every weekend until I make some that turns out. I've told my family that it's not a threat, it's a promise XD

Also, does anyone know of any significance with "20576"? Because I can't stop thinking about it recently. It runs through my head whenever I'm not actively thinking about something else. I just want to know why /: I asked my mom because she gets stuff like that too and she said it sounds like it could mean June 20 1957. But I have no idea. Any thoughts?

I know I promised some TamaHaru this entry, but it'll have to be next time O: Sorry I forgot to write some.

EDIT: I googled the date (if it actually is a date) in question and this was the first this that came up.
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I LIED GAIZ! I said that my last entry was image heavy, but this one is worse XDDDD

So, you guys, my sister Brittany and I are hardcore addicted to Disgaea I and II lately XD we've been leveling up our team on Disgaea I and now they're all level 10 *brushes back a tear* I love Flonne to pieces, by the way *points frantically to userpic* SHE'SSOCUTE! I think that "Nice to meet you! I'm an assassin!" might be the best quote I've heard in a while. Gosh, I'm pretty sure I wants me some Laharl x Etna, but he's cute with Flonne and Vyers too. Damn, I can't pick so I'll just have them all. Tell me I'm not the only one who's obsessively playing these games, guys O:
Disgaea plz )

So anyway, along the course of leveling up our team, we just did the practice level 300 times (yes, really) where you defeat a bunch of ghosts and one hobbit, and came across the following things that I had to photograph since Brittany and I loled over them and if you're a fan of Ouran, I'm sure you'll find them amusing as well:
veiled Ouran references, or am I just a huge nerd? )

Also, I decided it would be good to take a picture of me with the Haruhi plushie that [ profile] stefanie_k got me for Xmas <3 I love it to pieces and I've been snuggling it all week. Just look at the little plushie... HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?!?
me and Haruhi... as well as the other plushies X3 )
Ritsuka, Soubi, Tamaki, and Interi were all made for me by my friends Becca and Val <3 they make such cute plushies and they're so skilled 8D Interi is actually a character of mine from a novel/fantasy RP so he's not from any particular anime and they still did amazing with not a lot of references. Geez.

In other news, I signed up with Guiltless Pleasure publishing today! <3 which means that I have a manuscript underway and I'm way too excited! It's a company that publishes mostly fantasy erotica, and I've got the perfect idea for what they might enjoy XD or make that two perfect ideas. So, expect me to be super busy even after I finish my to-do list. YAAAAAAAAAAY! I need something to do with my free time since as I'm sure you all know (since I'm always bitching about it) I've been temporarily laid off /:

And finally, I told [ profile] yurecia a long time ago that I would post a picture of how amazing the TamaHaru print I bought from her looked on my desk, and I just now got around to it XD So here it is:
TamaHaru on my desktop, plz 8D )
She's like... my favorite artist in the entire world <3 Her work is so gorgeous. I really, really wish she was more confident about her art!
Jesus, I'm so addicted to TamaHaru right now /: It huuuuuuuuuuuurts. Instead of getting anything done, I keep randomly writing drabbles for the couple. Damn you Future-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Suoh and your unborn children! 8D
PS anyone want me to post said TamaHaru drabbles? Have 10 minutes to kill? XD

And... I'll shut up for now. Until next tiiiiime.

EDIT: I JUST REALIZED I HAVE THE SAME BEDSPREAD AS ARIEL FROM MEDIUM HOLY SHIT! *points at photos above* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 *dies a happy fangirl death*
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