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So look at this:

Apparently, another one of my Loveless fanfics, this one called "Penetration", has been translated into Russian! I would have preferred the translator had told me they were translating and reposting my fic, but I'm ecstatic! I'm so happy that so many of my stories are reaching the Russian-speaking community. It is my hope that someday, all of my work will be available in a ton of languages so I can hopefully touch the lives of every person possible. I want to change the world through writing, and I feel a little close to doing that every time I get a review XD

I don't have much to say at the moment, so I'll post later when I have more interesting things to say!

Edit: and here's another one!

That one is my huge multi-chapter Loveless fic "Goodnight Butterfly". This translator DID have permission from me ^^ I'm really, really excited about this one, since the fic is kinda my magnum opus.

Here Goodnight Butterly is again, translated into Russian:
This time, it's more than just the first chapter! <3

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Title: Asayake (Japanese for "Morning Glow")
Fandom: Loveless
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Pairing: soft, innocent Soubi/Ritsuka
Author's Note: This is a fic of gratitude for [ profile] runedance, for all her hard work on translating my fic "Remember" into Russian, for sending me the Princess Princess art book, and for just generally being a kind and wonderful friend. YAY!

Here's that fic I wrote for you, [ profile] runedance! <3 You're so kind and wonderful to talk to, and I hope you enjoy this ficlet! I started writing a huge, long, complicated fic, but since this is based on your drawing with all its soft, gorgeous simplicity, I decided to go in a different direction with something that fit the art's feeling better. I hope I succeeded! I had someone help me figure out what to title the lj-cut in Russian, just because <3

Доброе утро рассказ )
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So... I'm sick XD it's been forever since my super amazing immune system has allowed me to get sick. It's not bad, though. I've been taking it easy and watching Law and Order all day. I'm feeling better by the second.

Sooooo... time for an art dump, now! They're old drawings and photos, for the most part DX

a giant art dump behind the cut... )

That's all for now, but there's a ton more I want to dump here later.
Coming up next: a fic dump!


Apr. 17th, 2009 01:12 pm
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Title: Remember
Fandom: Loveless
Pairing: Ritsuka x Soubi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of underage gay sex, suicide, and self-mutilation. Incorrect use of capitalization to put importance on "themes" in Soubi's life. Slight angst.
Summary: Institutionalized of his own free will after a suicide attempt, Soubi struggles to remember his place in the World (and his old place with Ritsuka) after he has been so forcefully removed from it. One-shot.
Translations: this story is also available in Russian, translated by the lovely [ profile] runedance. The Russian version is available here:

Mostly an introspective piece on Soubi, my favorite character ^^; I started this right after I finished watching the Loveless anime (over two years ago DX), and just finished writing it today.

and I still remember... )
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I decided to share this extra, since it's so funny and cute and I love it. I just managed to get hold of it the other day ^^ It's what Loveless would be like if Soubi and Ritsuka switched places. Soubi's such an adorable little kid!

-Comment if downloading
-Credit goes to Devoted

Click here to download: 
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Okies, I'll post my latest fanfic 'cause it took forever and I'm happy to finally be able to post it <3

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"King's Game" is probably my favorite Loveless doujinshi, and so I decided to make it available to anyone who hasn't read it yet. It's very adorable and full of ear-losing. 

Click here to download

-Comment if downloading
-Credit goes to "TruECSTASY" for providing me with the download
-Feel free to redistribute

Enjoy ^^

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Not much new to update on. We went to the Zombie Walk a few weeks ago, dressed up as zombies covered in blood. It was so much fun! We walked around groaning and acting like zombies! And we were on the news!

For Halloween, I went trick or treating with Britt, Sammy, Kio, and Natalie. Kio went as a dead person; she was the only one who wasn't someone from Loveless XD I was Soubi, Britt was Ritsuka, Sammy was Yuiko, and Natalie was Seimei. It was fun, and we went all around the block, acting like dorks and making fun of Ritsuka. Every time I said anything, Sammy said "Shut up, Soubi!" and we pretended to get into a fight. And I kept singing "Tiny Bubbles", which was fun. 

I bought a Harajuku outfit the other day, and a coat with wings built into the arms, as well as a lot of useless stuff from the mall. It spent way too much money and ate into my savings, but despite the fact that I have no job, it doesn't matter. I don't care much about money, anyway. I suppose I should get a job, but I'm too busy enjoying life at the moment to care about jobs. I might be a little bit pathetic (most of my close friends are 12 and 13 and I spend most of my time holed up in the house), but I have fun. I don't care what anyone thinks, anyway.

On a slightly more random note, does anyone know where I can get a free download of Flash MX? They don't sell it at any store near me. And also, a free download of any version of Photoshop. I own Photoshop, but the disk won't work on my computer and I'm not sure if I can still get a refund. Thanks ^^

Peace, guys.
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 Title: Goodnight Butterfly
Author: Moonchild10
Rating: G for this chapter
Pairing: none for this chapter

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Well, Karla turned up a while ago! Apparently she went to town, got someone to drive her back to Billings, and flew to California, where she's been up until yesterday. But I won't ramble about it because it's none of my business. 

Britt and I are attempting to have Kiona and Nat spend the night, but I don't think it's going to work because Britt never cleans the cat box. 

Yesterday, I was getting some juice out of the frdge and I knocked over the ketchup. It exploded all over the kitchen, and we had to spend 20 minutes cleaning it up. But it was hilarious anyway.

Well, I rented all of the Gravitation DVD's and two of the Bleach ones last week, and today I rented the first three Loveless DVD's, so I'm having a giant blob of anime nerdiness lately, which is fun. I am determined to watch every anime at that store. Fo serious. And I got a Rukia action figure, just for the hell of it because she is awesome (how can anyone who lives in their friend's closet NOT be awesome?). It can with Kon, and Rukia's hands are detatchable so she can put on the one with her punch-Ichigo's-soul-out glove. Fa sho.

Nothing too exciting has been happening. I developed a pretty bad addiction to shoes, but other than that, everything is still normal. (I got some red Converse, some tan leather patchwork boots, and some black platforms today at a garage sale, and I bought some hot pink silk high heels with bows last week D: I'm getting BAD). 

Oh, and on Thursday we went to Big Splash with Sammy, and had pizza afterward. I was so tired from all the swimming, but it was fun beyond all reason. Those water slides are big enough to keel j00 ded.

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