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Graduation was on Monday! I never have to go back to school! I cried a lot during graduation, but it was fun anyway. At the Finale I kept a pickle in my pocket for most of the night. The party didn't get over until 5 AM. This guy came and hypnotized people, which was hilarious. It was a lot of fun.

Now I'm taking a year or two off to write some novels, so I'll have plenty of free time. I don't know if I'm going to college eventually or not. We'll see. I have ACTs on June 9, so I might as well. I just need to go get an ID and I'll be set.

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Today was my last day of school EVER! I'm graduating on Monday! This is so cool and yet so sad. I'll miss everyone so much, especially my friends, Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Soft, and everybody else! It doesn't feel like it's over yet... I'm just so used to school that I can't really comprehend the fact that I'll never be going back. 

Today we had a party in choir and in sociology, and I had everyone sign my shirt. It was fun. I made strawberry daquiri cookies, which taste pretty good but I burnt the bottoms DX

We had our senior picnic last week, which was cool. We ate some random burgers and then we went to Lisa's house to play Guitar Hero. It was a good day.

Sorry for the shitty condensed version of events. I'll do a better version when my hands don't hurt. 

Woot woot!


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