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So, some bad news: my grandma's house got broken into this weekend. It happened while she was out, for which I am eternally grateful. If something had happened to her, I don't know what I would have done! We may not always see eye to eye, but she's very important to me!
The weird thing is that though the whole house was completely trashed, nothing was missing. There was jewelry and checks and electronics and papers with her personal information out in the open, and none of it was taken. Even the kitchen garbage can had been looked through. The police said that the culprit was probably looking for something specific, but seriously... what could it have been? It seems weird to me that it happened because she lives in a really ritzy part of town, but I guess that's the kind of people that crooks want to rob.
So, my grandma has been staying with my aunt Cindy, and I'm so glad she's okay. This whole thing really freaked my whole family out. I just can't believe it happened. It's the kind of thing you hear about happening to other people.

On a cheerier note, I have some good news: I teach my first class at the elementary school this Friday! I have character development worked out for the lesson plan. I was thinking that I could just turn them loose with the worksheet I've prepared and they could just fill it out and then spend any free time of the lesson sharing their characters with me and with each other. I need you guys' help, though. Does this kind of worksheet seem like it'd be fun and age appropriate for 4th graders?
what do you think? )

Tell me if you think I need to fix it, and if so, how? Don't be scared to be brutally honest. I can take it. And I realize it's small XD the print size is a lot bigger than the version I showed here. I just need you guys to give me advice on it <3

Also, on another good note, I finally got paid from all the work I did before. I won't be working much for the family company until summer when business picks up, but until then, although it doesn't pay, I've got my teaching job. But, me getting paid from before is good news because a) I am no longer dirt poor and b) this means I can afford to send out all the packages with Xmas presents for you guys! Sorry they're a bit late! I'll try to get everything out as soon as I can, but I'm so busy right now that it might take a while O: I am so sorry! *slightly stressed, but happy*

Now I've just got to remember to budget really tightly until summer gets here... don't let me buy anything expensive, guys! *determined*


PS: Caitlin Glass ([ profile] kiristokyoto) is officially the cutest thing in the entire world XDDD her outtakes from recording Ouran completely made my weekend. Again. Weeee!

PPS: I found some of my crappy old Gorillaz fanart and I'm posting it in honor of the fact that Plastic Beach comes out this month XD enjoy
prepare to puke in the sink )

Okay, I'm done for real this time XD
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So, today Brittany and I walked to Target to get some Pop Tarts for her to eat during her exams tomorrow, and we ran into our old fourth grade teacher Mrs. Heine! 8D I was so happy to see her that I kept babbling and squeezing her. We got to talking, and one thing led to another and now...


I am going to be teaching little kids how to do creative writing! I'm so freaking excited! 8D I'll get to hang around kids, which I love, and I get to write, which I love, and I get to teach people new things, which I also love! Mrs. Heine said that she had no idea how to teach writing, but she thinks I have "the gift" when it comes to writing, so she thinks I'll be good at it! ^^ I'M SO EXCITED! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

This means I have to draw up some lesson plans and get together some of my more child-oriented writings. I think that lesson 1 (next week) will be character development 8D characters are WAY more important than plot, if you ask me. Take a look at... say... Ouran XD it has no plot, but the characters are amazing so everyone loves it. But, getting back to the point:


In other news, I wrote a tiny drabble that's... what's this... Yuzuru/Kotoko O: It's here if you guys want to read it. I think it turned out pretty cute X3

Also, I have some super adorable pics of my cat, Roxy, and my dog, Sporky:
here thar be pet photos )

Also, I got Bryce 6.1 and Flash MX 8DDDD so I'll be all up in the artness for a while along with fanfiction. Jeez, I'm always doing too much at once DX I'm also in the process of doodling something for Jamie Hewlett, because he's real busy with Plastic Beach coming out soon (any fellow Gorillaz fans feel free to squeal with me), and so he needs it. Sadly, I won't be able to deliver it in person. I'm just lucky we know each other on DA XD

Well, take care, guys <3 I probably won't be around much until Tuesday ^^

PS, I still need some help 8D
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So... I'm sick XD it's been forever since my super amazing immune system has allowed me to get sick. It's not bad, though. I've been taking it easy and watching Law and Order all day. I'm feeling better by the second.

Sooooo... time for an art dump, now! They're old drawings and photos, for the most part DX

a giant art dump behind the cut... )

That's all for now, but there's a ton more I want to dump here later.
Coming up next: a fic dump!
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Well, I got my Gorillaz figures last week! <3 They're so cool and I will eat them! 2D's head falls off like every three seconds, but I don't care, I love them anyway (2D is my favorite, but don't tell the others). Now I'll have to make a bunch of retarded videos with them and completely soil their glory and dignity. 

We had the talent show on the 9th... I don't remember if I wrote about it or not. But yeah, it went really well. It made me really realize how much I want to be famous. I want to be able to do that every day, to stand on stage and make the things inside come out in words that people actually respond to, I want to make people feel the music like so many people have done for me. It's almost like a zen thing for me, being on stage and singing like that, seeing the way people react, making people actually LISTEN... for once not just being the weird kid in the back of the class... for once actually being in my element. Every time we have a talent show or choir concert, every time I sing, I feel like I'm exactly where I belong. So, I don't care how it happens, or when, and I know I'll also be writing, but I really want my job to be to stand there on stage night after night and sing. And to have the power that being famous brings you... the power to make a difference, and to change things that need changing. People listen to you when you're famous. People CARE about what you have to say. 

Which is why I'm really hoping the band will work out. Even though singing is what I love most, I still love my bass, but I'm not that great at it. And then Natalie doesn't have a drum set and can't afford to buy one, we're all still in school (well, I graduate in 2 months, but then Natalie won't be graduating for 6 years, and the others have 5 years to go). None of us know how to play our instruments, besides Sammy who rules at life. And we can't afford a recording studio... and my lyrics are messed up to the point where they're so cryptic that they make no sense. XD I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to figure out our obstacles. Oh well. Somehow, no matter what it takes, I know we'll make it eventually. Because we've already declared ourselves the world's greatest band (LAWLZ), and that's a little too big of a claim to make and not try our asses off to get somewhere, even if we were joking when we said it.

Natalie decided that we're called Second Dimension, by the way, without anyone else's input. She's a nazi, but we love her XD


Mar. 16th, 2007 09:02 am
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OK, so three weeks ago I was on eBay, and I was all "OMG the new Gorillaz figures with free shipping!" And so I ordered them all rabid-like, from some guy in Canada. He said they'd be here in about six days....

I want to eat someone's head!
I want my Gorillaz! I want them now! I want them safe and sound in my house so I can make terrible, stupid videos with them. 
I'm going to recreate one of PP's stories when I get them XD It'll be so cool.

It's senior skip day, so I'm going to lunch with Lisa and Noelle at Mongolian Grill at 1:00, meaning I need to find my wallet, put on clothes, and take a bath so I don't smell like rotten strawberries. But I'll write angsty Gorillaz fanfiction for gslash instead, 'cause I'm a reeeebel. 

and Sammy was on TV this morning! OMG! <3 It was cool. 

And I got a B- on my math test, which is cool, because when my teacher passed it out, I was like 'Duhhhhhhh O_O' and guessed on how to do most of it. I HATE LOGARITHMS. How is it that I manage to get good grades even when I don't know what the hell I'm doing? In math lately I'm kind of like a big not-math-knowing zombie, and yet I still have a B. Maybe fate is kind and God loves me.

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Well, a lot has happened since I've posted (those random 'Murdoc fucks 2D' things don't count as posts). My mom was cheating on my dad. He got a restraining order against her so he wouldn't kill her if she came home (he has a lot of anger mangement issues, and he LIED in the form, saying she pulled a knife on him so he could get the restraining order), and so she was gone. It was horrible, because I missed her so much and because part of me hated her for hurting us all like she did. She's never done anything bad. She's always been as close to perfect as someone can get. And then she went and did something like this. 'Pulled a Paula', as my sister would say. Things are better now. They're working things out, so she's at home and they're working on their marriage. I should be completely happy about it, but I'm still pissed off that she would do something like that. 
A little over a year ago, I was so innocent and optimistic about everything, and so naive. Now, I've gotten so cynical, and it makes me sad. So many people close to me tried to kill themselves over the course of three months, my mom started fucking a hobo, my best friend turned into an alcoholic, everybody started almost dying in car crashes. And no, I'm not starting a bitchfest about my life, because it's all fine and dandy now and I'm really grateful to have things back to as close to normal as they've ever been, I just wish that I hadn't become so... emotionally old. I don't deal with things well, and so I take everything hard like this. But it's all good now. I just wish I could be little again. I AM ridiculously happy all the time for no reason still, so I have that much left of childhood.

Christmas was fabulous, because the day before Christmas Eve my parents stopped wanting to kill each other and so my mom came home, and they seemed happy on Christmas. We got my sister her pink guitar... I think she said it was a Les Paul or something of that nature, I wasn't paying enough attention. She loves it, and she can play it really well already. I wish I could have been a rock star when I was 12 XD I also got her Slowboat to Hades, which we still haven't watched for some reason XD and she got me the second Gravitation DVD, which is amazing. I LOVE yaoi, and Shuichi and Yuki are so cute together. My whole family got me a combination digital camera/video camera/mp3 player thing, which is so amazing and I love it. I've been shooting video all weekend and making everyone want to kill me. But it's fun, and I'm annoying by nature, anyway. 

We went to the mall the other day, and I got some body spray that sparkles and is pink and smells like muffins! It's so cool! I'm a little obsessed with it, because it's so cool. I got some strawberry spray, too. I'm such a girl XD We also watched Bad Santa a while ago, and now my entire family is obsessed with Thurman Merman. He's so cool. 

I think I want my cute pink journal layout again. Some people think I'm weird because I'm a quote unquote "goth", and I'm obsessed with everything pink and sparkly. I don't get labels. But I guess if they want to call me a goth, it's better than other things I could be called XD like a dweeb or something. 

My dent is getting really deep. It feels like the whole top of my head is caving in now, and when I push on it I can squish my skull up and down. I think I should get it checked out or something, because I don't know if I'm just being paranoid, but I can feel the top of my skull touching my brain or something like that. It's a little bit scary. 

I found an RP buddy, [profile] shinysilvercoin  She's really cool and I give her props. She's fun to talk to ^_^

And I got a myspace (yes, I'm a whore):
Stalk meeeeeee >:B

And I put that giant "Murdoc Niccals fucks Stuart Tusspot" thing in my sig at g-play, and now I think all the Murdoc fangirld hate me XD Who cares? They're whiny and immature anyway most of time. But Murdoc is hawt, I agree with them there. 

Well, I need to open a nice big can of shut the fuck up now. Bye, everybody! Happy New Year! And Merry Belated Christmas! <3 <3 <3 I think I'll go practice my bass.
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I finally got Rise of the Ogre the other day! I've been reading it all of the 5-day weekened. I just finished it last night, and it made me cry for some reason XD I'm so pathetic. But it's fun.

Bah, school starts again tomorrow. I know it's my last year, but it still seems like such a waste of time. I hate how these long weekends get your hopes up and then it's like "oh, nope, back to school now!" I don't want to go back.

My 95-year-old grandma got pnemonia. We visited her in the hospital yesterday, and I'm scared that she's not going to make it. It worries me a lot. I was writing a song about it, but it came out way too angsty-goth, so I kind of abandoned it. But yeah, it's really weird. It makes me feel so out of control and such. I just wish sometimes that people didn't have to die or get old or fight wars. I wish everything was really as good as it seems when you're a little kid, and everything wasn't really falling apart. The whole thing in Korea is freaking me out some good, because they're talking about reinstituting the draft. This whole thing is getting seriously screwed up. Why do people have to be stupid like this? It's just the whole world in a muscle contest to see who has the biggest guns, and it'll never end until we're all blown up. That's what's going to happen eventually, because everyone's too chicken to back down and stand up for peace. The world is going down the toilet.

Well, not that I've been thoroughly depressing, how's that weather, Tom?

Oh, it's just fabulous, Diane! Cloudy skies, scattered snow flurries, and 23 degree weather from now until next June because we live in Montana where the weather can't be nice unless it's the middle of July! 

Well, I've got auditions for a solo at the Musical Feast on Wednesday, but I'm not ready, so I'm not sure if I'll even go. To tell the truth, I audition for everything, and I never get into anything, maybe because my voice is weird, maybe because I just suck, or maybe because I have no stage prescence or something. But whatever the case, I don't think I'll get in anyway. But then again, we got a new, more awesome choir teacher who actually gives people a chance and doesn't judge them before they ever sing a note. So this year it might be different. We'll see. 

My research paper on Buddhism is going great. I think I'll be able to finish in time. We're researching all next week, which seems a little needless to me, but oh well. Mahayana Buddhism is way cooler than Theravadic or whatever it's called. I think I may convert to Mahayana. I agree with a lot of the ideas.

Well, I'm off to shut-up-land now. <3

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I haven't been up to much lately... helped my mom clean a house the other day (thinking about taking a job in house cleaning), and I poured a bunch of milk on my head today for no apparent reason (it was fun). I'm starting to feel bad that I never get on to talk to Dwayne, but I'm never online long enough and I'll end up talking for hours, and that can't happen because I have to keep my sister entertained most of the time. My loyalty lies with my family first, so I guess he'll just have to deal with it. I feel bad still, but oh well. It seems like everyone wants something from me, and it's annoying. I'm fine with doing art requests (by the way, if any of you guys want something drawn, tell me! I'd be happy to draw it), but I mean in real life, in general. It seems like people only want to get close to me so they can take advantage of me. And that kind of hurts. 

I'm so used to being screwed over that I met this guy, and I'm afraid to talk to him. His name's Allan and we dance at Blockbuster where he works all the time. He's dating my childhood nemesis, so I know he doesn't want to be more than friends (at least right now), and still it weirds me out to talk to him a little bit. I need to get a grip. 

And I've compiled a list of things to accomplish before I die:
1. Visit Japan
2. Learn to play bass guitar (Micah can teach me)
3. get published
4. be a rock star
5. Find a crush that I don't ruin things with
6. dye my hair rainbow

Alright, now I'll shut up and give you art. 

Gorillaz being all chummy at a photo shoot: click here
Murdoc after 2D gets him pregnant XD: click here 

Aaaaaand, here's a Gorillaz  video of doom for you all that I made:


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Today is Independance Day! ^_^ :D My favorite holiday! I'm so excited for the fireworks tonight. Woo! *dances* 

The singer from Blur has a freaking SEXY voice. I keep listening to them today.

Yay! I got the Celebrity Takedown DVD yesterday for $13. It was alright, could've been better, but I loved the computer's tour of Kong. It was so funny "Sometimes when Murdoc sleeps, I wonder if I should smother him for the safety of mankind." I couldn't stop laughing. And the "Charts of Darkness" documentary was so hilarious, especially when Damon and Jamie were beating each other up. But yeah, no matter what was on the DVD, Gorillaz are sexy <3

The new Evanscence CD comes out on October 3... two days before my birthday. I'm so excited I think I might explode before the CD even comes out. Amy Lee is a goddess.

Well, today's going pretty well. The button on my pants is missing, but other than that, nothing has gone really wrong so far. I'm eating cinnamon waffles! :D Well, I guess that's the most interesting thing that's happened today. I stayed up all night on Sunday, and then I got sick and vomited for a few hours. All I've been able to eat since then is some cereal and 2 waffles. I'm not really hungry, though. 

Well... that's about it.

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Well, we got back from camping yesterday. We didn't go to Emerald Lake because the car was freaking out again...I thought it was going to explode. So we went to this random place instead. But it was a fun trip. There was this rock with mystical powers, and when I sat on it, I could write the coolest lyrics ever. Ok, not really, but I could write fairly ok lyrics, and I wrote a 7 page story! It was sweet! And there were these cool little fuzzy caterpillars everywhere.

When we were at a gas station on the way back, a field mouse jumped out of the camper, and so we took it home and let it go in the field by our house. Also, when we were at the gas station a Winnebago almost backed up on us in the parking lot, but I won't go into that.

It's good to be home, but I miss being free and not having to worry about bathing. Camping is great. It was so NICE to not have to deal with people! People drive me nuts. There are about 3 or 4 people I know who I can be around for very long lately without getting extremely irritated. I've been avoiding deviantART because the people I know are pissing me off.

I've developed a rampant addiction to strawberry Yan Yan. I think it might be better than pocky... it's so much creamier. Ahh.

I finished Britt's fanfic request while we were camping, and I'll be working on the others. She was the first who requested, and she's my little sister, so hers got done first. Sorry, everybody else.

Well, I drew a new picture (several, actually, but I'm just putting my favorite here). It's the Gorillaz on a day at the carnival. Click the picture to see the full version.

Gorillaz at the carnival
Muds is holding cotton candy, but you can't really tell because it's hidden behind Russ' arm. I drew this one last night for Britt. And yes, Russ has an Evanescence shirt, because Ev is the most amazing band in the history of the entire universe. Amy Lee is a goddess. And I couldn't resist putting 2D's arm around Muds... I'm a hopeless 'shipper, ok?

Only 22 days until the Teen Titans movie premieres, and 3 days until Independance Day!!!!!! Wooooo! 

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