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So anyway, last night Olivia came over and we watched Aladdin. Then we went to Walmart to get some stuff for dinner and held hands the whole time XD everyone thought we were a lesbian couple. It was funny. Then we came home and made pasta with parmesan (which I can't spell no matter how many years go by) and eggplant pasta with grilled peppers and french bread. It was amazing and delicious and we had sparkling grape juice with it (I would have preferred wine because I like to feel grandiose but sparkling juice tastes WAY better). It was a ton of fun! I love cooking with my friends. Whenever Olivia comes to my house, she's always like "I'm hungry feed me" first thing so I make her food, and this time she returned the favor XD it was a lot of fun. Her going away party is on Sunday (;_;) and I got to help plan it. It's in her dojo and we're going to do a fancy dress theme and I'm bringing cake and hors d’ouvres (which I also can't spell and I'm too lazy to dig in my mind for my old prowess at French). It's going to be fun, but I'm going to miss her so much ;_; She's moving to Seattle on Monday and I can't even believe it /: She and I have so much fun and she's really the only "girly" friend I have so we do crafting and sew and such. She'll come back to visit and be like "geez when did you get so manly?"

So yeah, lots of fun and sadness in that department. I can't believe I'm not going to get to hang out with her anymore!

Also, on an unrelated note, I was thinking today and I realized that though I've been in love with the same person for the past 8 years... I don't think I have those feelings for that person anymore. It's so weird to think about. Those emotions have become such a big part of me that the thought of them possibly being gone leaves me feeling really weird and kind of empty. I'm just lucky things like romance don't matter much to me at all, or I'd probably be depressed. I don't know how I feel anymore. I'll have to think about it and sort things out.

Anyway, for those of you who read the new Ouran chapter: HOLY CRAP, RIGHT!?!?!?!
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So anyway, I went to that food expo thing and... IT WAS INCREDIBLE! There were people there from all over the world and it was so bright and exciting! I tried karaage and sushi from Japan, tiramisu and bruschetta and foccacia from Italy, sushi from Korea, dumplings from China, and a bunch of other stuff that's all just a blur now XD It was all so good and amazing. And this really, really, really ridiculously sexy Japanese guy was running this booth where they painted your name in katakana (and in Kiona's case, hiragana XD lucky her). He was staring at me and then he was like "are you guys all in high school?" and Brittany was like. "Yeah. Well, except her *points at me* She's like 21" and he was like "Oh really? ;D" and gave me a look. I was like "Durrrrrrrr 8D" God, he was cute and he sure knew how to charm the ladies. He probably got way more business than other people because of his charm XD I was flattered that somebody so sexy and charming would flirt with me when I'm... well... you all know how I am XD and then there was Naoya, this Japanese guy that came to Brittany's school before, and he was really nice. And Kiona brought her friend Danette, who we call Chameleon because her usual nickname is Dani too and I was here first XD We just had a blast. I was dying of bliss because of the dumplings and karaage and tiramisu. IT WAS SO FUN!

I was so happy later that I wanted to be like "I could eat three bowls of rice!" like Renge always does as a joke, but I was too full to even joke about eating XD but then we went to Brittany's choir concert (which was so awesome) and then we ate cookies and spinach puffs at the reception. SO MUCH EATING! I like to eat until I explode. I'm just lucky I never stray over 117 pounds no matter how I eat lol.

Speaking of eating, I'm making Chicken Gnocchi (my favorite soup) this weekend for my family! I've loved it for a while but I had no idea what kind of soup it was, and then I finally tracked down the name and found a recipe. So yeah, it's a good weekend ahead.

Anyway, I have to go because I've got work in like 20 minutes XD I'm not really in the mood for manual labor but I really really really need the money. And it's nice to get stuff done, anyway. I get to see the most amazing houses because of my job.

I'll post some more TamaHaru next time X3
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So, I had the most jiggity jive day yesterday ♥ I got a call from my old friend from high school, Olivia. She was like "let's hang out!" and I was like "yes!" and so we did. It was one crazy day. We went to Olive Garden and I had the best soup I've ever had in my life. Ever. I don't remember what it was called but it had a thick creamy cheesy broth and it had chicken and dumplings and carrots in it. I got all emotional and cried as I ate it because it was delicious. The breadsticks were also extremely delicious. We had a lot of trouble finding Olive Garden at first and then we decided we had to follow these people who had a novelty license plate because we couldn't tell what it was supposed to say.

So, after that we took the leftover breadsticks to Gamestop where Olivia works and gave them to her coworkers, who were not very nice or friendly and just kind of stared at me like they were judging me or something. They made me really uncomfortable and they didn't even say hi. But after that we went to Big Lots and looked at everything. I discovered that Olivia has a need to buy something at every store she visits, so she was like "Help me find something to buy, Danie!!!!!" XD we were looking at bras in Big Lots, and she wears a double D cup and I wear an A cup. Everything was B cups and C cups and we were both like "what gives!?" There was this really cute training bra that would have fit me but it was like "YOU CAN'T BUY A TRAINING BRA ARE YOU CRAZY!?" and so we went and played in the furniture section. Then we went to Olivia's house so I could meet her cat and get some games because we decided we needed to go to my house and play Lego Batman. We forgot the games and had to go back after we'd gotten to my house XD on the way to her house to get them, she swerved into this gas station like "OH GOD I NEED AN ARNOLD PALMER!" and she got me hooked on them. It's like... half iced tea, half lemonade, and it's amazing.

So, we got back to my house and played a bunch of games with Brittany like Assassin's Creed and Lost Odyssey. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm in love with Kaim XD he's so... ah. And Jansen. Ahhhhhh! And Olivia ended up staying until almost 10 and then she realized she had to work in the morning. Also, she got a sewing machine so she was all happy about that. She is the most amazing fashion designer I've ever met. She just effortlessly makes these tiny hats and stuff like that, and she said she'd make me one. She amazing at it O: she wants to be a costume designer.

So, I had a lot of fun yesterday. It really made my week. Olivia is one of those really fun slightly crazy people that just makes you glad to be alive. She had this wooden fan that she carried around the whole time and she had a cane in her car and her explanation was "I need a weapon, don't I?" I was so glad to see her. I hadn't seen her since Sparky and Micah's wedding. I love spending time with old friends. It occurs to me that they're the reason I'm me; I was relatively normal and boring when I started high school and everyone I made friends with was all fun and crazy, and they pulled me out of my shell XD thank God for them.

Also, Sammy's birthday was a few days ago, so Brittany and I are going to see her today and bring her gifts of the art variety. Egad, I love that girl XD I can't wait!

So, this week is just wonderful.

And also, I've suddenly become like the world's biggest Haruhi fangirl XD whenever I see something with her on it I'm like "I WANNA BUY THAT!" I just can't stop myself. I also can't stop drawing her X3
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So guys, the other day I was at Borders killing some time and trying to avoid the temptation to buy stretchy rubber animals and making small talk with Nathan about both of our new haircuts, and I happened to be thumbing through notebooks and found this:

I died a little inside when I saw this )

I was just like "O: wh...what?" for like a full minute and then my heart stopped. And then I screamed. And then, despite the fact that I NEED TO BE SAVING MY MONEY GODDAMMIT I'M ON A BUDGET GAH I rushed up to the counter and bought it. I was trying to justify my actions to the cashier for some reason and I was like "See I... I really need this. I can't really afford it but I need it. You know? You know? It makes me feel like flying inside, you know? Right? 8DDDDDDD Yeah?" and she was like "/: Uh..." Poor lady. I always feel bad for people who get caught on my warpath when I'm in an enthusiastic mood ^^;

They also had pencil bags, stickers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, and gel pens, but I restrained myself because I couldn't afford to spend like $40 on that kind of thing right now. But it hurt not buying them. It hurt.

Also lol:

I run the Tama one and my best friend [ profile] suddenkiss runs the Kyouya one XD she spent the night this weekend and instilled in me the madness required to make something like that. Enjoy. We also made a blanket fort and it was AMAZING 8D it took up half the old daycare wing of my house. It was enormous, for a blanket fort. And we watched The Final Destination, which was okay but not phenomenal. But it was hilarious when George was sitting there after his attempt at suicide failed and he was just chatting casually with Lori and whatshisface with the cut noose still around his neck. Sadly I remember the name of every single character except for the main character who had those premonitions XD We had this candy that was rose and lemon flavored from Istanbul, and though it wasn't really delicious or anything, we couldn't stop eating it all night and commenting on how it tasted like old people. I really want more now O: I really, really, really love anything from foreign countries. It fascinates me. I'm like... the world's biggest tourist even in my own hometown.

And finally, me and Brittany discovered the BEST game in the world. We go to Target in the CD section and one of us chooses a CD and does the same pose as the artist on the front. Then the other tries to guess who we are by looking at the CDs and trying to find the pose that matches the one we're doing. It works best in the hip hop section. It's so much fun and it's also free, which is a big selling point with both of us these days since we're both kinda low on cash XDDD Brittany's like "we're paving the way in commoner entertainment lol" We also like to watch people shop and make up soap opera style backstories for them.

Anyway, today we're going to Taco Bell after she gets home at 1 and buying stuff off the 99 cent menu and then we're going to Target to play that game and pine over things we can't buy in the stuffed animal aisle. It should be fun <3
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So, this weekend I did some major Xmas shopping. I mostly making presents for people this year because it makes me feel way more awesome that people feel special because you took all that time on them! So I bought some stuff for making presents for everybody, plus some manga and such for a few people who need it XD I bought a yaoi manga ("Love Knot") for my friend who is the world's biggest otaku. Yes, bigger than Renge. I totally went crazy on my shopping spree even though I really couldn't afford to XDDDD I had so much fun!

I also bought myself this really cheap ($5) set of two ramen bowls with turquose glaze inside that came in a little basket that I've wanted for a while because they're so pretty (yeah, I get excited over stuff like tableware). And also... I found this for a dollar and had to buy it:
I challenge you to show me ANYTHING cuter than this! )

We also decorated the tree and made some peppermint meringue cookies and drank egg nog. I had the most fun time getting into the holiday spirit this weekend! And it's been decided that I get to host me and my friends' annual Christmas party again this year, despite my being the worst hostess ever XD So, I'm so pumped! *throws fist in the air*

Also, my sister and I did this TamaHaru RP when Tamaki got shot by a Yakuza boss, and it was so epic. I'm totally going to fic it. You wouldn't even believe how cool it turned out X3
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So anyway, today Sav ([ profile] hikarunagisa) called and asked if I wanted to go barhopping with her and her friends from work XD I ended up not going because my parents were giving me this look like "Really?" when I was talking about it on the phone with her, and I hate when they're disappointed in me. But she's spending the night next week and we're going to watch stuff on Youtube and go to Taco Bell. But anyway, afterward I asked my family if I they thought I should have gone, and it went like this:

Brittany ([ profile] kiramekineko): Hell no! I don't want a bunch of bar skanks hitting on you!
Me: O.o You think they'd hit on me?
Brittany: *ponders* Well, maybe if they were drunk...

It made me laugh XDDD

Now, you guys know that infamous pairing meme where you fill out a character for each number and then fill out the answers? Well... I finally did it for Ouran:
Ouran pairing meme lololololololol )

I also started this new thing where every day (if possible XD) I write some quick notes directed to people I know expressing exactly how I'm feeling toward them, because I get really insecure when I don't know how people feel about me and I'd like to help at least some people feel less insecure by knowing what I'm thinking of them: [ profile] dear_youguys
It's an exercise in telling people what I really mean XD Don't worry, it'll be probably 90% nice stuff about people, because I don't get mad/annoyed easily. So feel free to friend the journal, since all of you will probably be mentioned there at some point *will try to friend everyone who's her friend here as well*

Also, I'm working on translating an ongoing TamaHaru RP I'm doing with [ profile] lovinjerryt into a fic (I RP Haruhi over at [ profile] hostprincess), which I'll probably post in segments down at [ profile] cookies_kisses, so yay I'm excited!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED!

And finally... I got a light up purple shot glass at Target today for a freakin' DOLLAR! OMIGAWD! 8D Brittany got a pink one, and we're going to do soda shots with them this weekend. HURRY UP WEEKEND, HURRY UP AND GET HERE! HURRRRRRRRY!
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I had like... the best weekend EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! *explodes*

So anyway, [ profile] suddenkiss (Kiona) and Natalie came over in the evening on Saturday, and chaos ensued almost immediately. I tore my room apart looking for a dress for Kio to wear and Brittany and I finally managed to get her into one, which hardly ever happens (she doesn't wear dresses much XD). We got dressed up in our formal gowns and headed off to Chuck E. Cheese's! When we got there, we quickly made $30 of my money into tokens and went insane. We were running around like crazy people!

Also, this was about the time how it was shown yet again just how absolutely amazing my friends are. I have this weird thing my eyes do sometimes (usually when I get too excited) where like 75% of my vision clouds over with rainbow swirls and I'm almost completely blind, so I have to keep my eyes closed until it goes away. I went to sit at one of the tables to wait it out, but they were like "OH NO YOU DON'T *insert plotting laughter". I was like "I CAN'T SEEEEEEE!" as they dragged me off. They chose a bunch of games for us all to play where sight wasn't required and they all guided me and made sure I didn't get hurt. They were dragging me all over the place and fighting over who got to be my "guide", and it was so funny. I had to keep my eyes closed for about half an hour, and I was laughing the entire time. My friends are amazing, and they won't leave me behind for anything or let me be boring XD I love how they're always there for me no matter what (even with silly things like this), and I would do anything for them! ♥

After we got back from Chuck's (we won 600 tickets 8D booya), we had sloppy joes and then played Life. We decided that we/our little pieces were the Host Club (don't ask, it was Britt's idea XD), and mine was Haruhi. I ended up being a lawyer and had no kids, and in the end I won with 2 million dollars and everyone was like "BACKWAAAAAAAAARDS" lol.

So, after that we played beer pong with soda, and it was awesome! I really got good at chugging, because I did get four of them (hand eye coordination = zero) and we were acting like frat boys and chanting "chug chug chug" whenever anyone got one. It was awesome. Then we watched the Ouran Funimation outtakes and loled for about 20 minutes about it. Then we looked up urban legends on my laptop, and kinda scared ourselves. I wanted to go inside ( we were in the old daycare wing of my house, which we refer to as a separate house altogether XD) to wash my face, and they were all like "NO YOU'LL DIIIIIIE!" and so we all went together and made a bunch of noise and kinda acted like idiots. Then we looked up more urban legends and read them aloud in different accents. This went on until 9 AM when we fell asleep on the floor X3 And of course through this whole night we kept referencing how Kyouya has nubs for arms. It's our biggest inside joke.

So, as you can see, it was the most immature but most fun weekend ever ♥ I really needed it. I love my friends so much, and whenever we hang out I completely forget every problem I've ever had and just feel free to be myself. They make me so happy.
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Wellllllllllll, it's been a nice week X3

pics of BFFs, plushie cuteness, and my boring haircut )

So anyway, I had a ton of fun this week. I spent time with my aunts and uncles and cousins and my grandma. I played hide and seek with my little cousins and got way more into it than they did XD I was like "WOOOOOO!" and running everywhere. It was a lot of fun. When I was a little kid, until Brittany was born I was the only kid in my family and then at school I was really shy, so I didn't really do stuff like that too much. My friends and I play ALL the time these days, but it's more fun to play with little kids because they share my energy level XDDDDDD SO MUCH FUN! Also, Brittany sorta taught me how to play Moonlight Sonata on the piano at my grandma's house. I'm horrible at the piano XD I guess I'm just not coordinated enough and my hands are too small to really hit all of the notes necessary. But it was fun anyway!

On Saturday, my parents and Brittany and I had a family game night and played Elixir (it's a wizard game from like 20 years ago where you brew potions and try to make the elixir of life). It was awesome. I spent almost every waking moment this whole week with my family XD There was a lot of bonding time this week and it was all so awesome and fun. Now I feel fuzzy inside and I'm so happy. I know it might be boring and kinda simple, but I love my life so much <3

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So yesterday was my 21st birthday!!!! Woooooo! I had so much fun! My family and I went to lunch (my sister skipped school XDDD) at a Chinese restaurant and we ate until we got sick! Then we went to the mall and we ran into Sarah and Lisa, who we hung out with all day and had an amazing time!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY! OMFG it was great! XD and I woke up in the morning and there were balloons everywhere, and streamers and stuff! OMFG!

[ profile] kiramekineko (my little sister): Death Note: The Last Name
Mom and Dad: Ouran part 1 DVD
[ profile] flowing_darknes: a phone call!! And a video!
Lisa: socks! and butterflies in my stomach
[ profile] shiningxsky: Tamaki Suoh (I'm not kidding)
Shauna: a battle of wits over the phone
[ profile] demi_rabbit: a hilarious AMV
[ profile] suddenkiss: a super fun sleepover/prostate exam
Everyone else: love and the best day ever!

We had lemon cake and peppermint chiffon pie at my grandma's house and I listened to [ profile] kiramekineko play the piano XD she played this song about a Chinese laundryman, and it was really random. There was this almond on the floor, and whenever anyone farted, we blamed it on the almond.It was so funny!!!! I had the most fun birthday ever because of how much time I got to spend with the people I love! I even got phone calls from some that I didn't get to see, which was so nice! Also, my Haruhi cosplay wig came in the mail, which was an added bonus! I was wearing it earlier, and it's so nice not having my hair all over me that I'm contemplating cutting my hair that short XD but then the wig would be pointless.

And no, I'm still not going to drink alcohol <3

So, since [ profile] shiningxsky gave me Tamaki for my birthday, that means I can dress him however I want *holds up skanky candy striper dress* >8D I smell fanfiction and one very disturbed Haruhi...
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I'm so happy! ^_^ I could seriously just sing right about now! (not that I don't usually feel like it, but still). Today, I have been friends with Krystle for exactly 3 years! We've had our rough patches (most involving her evil ex-boyfriend), but we've made it through! No matter what, we've always been there for each other, and even though we live a few states apart, we've never really lost touch! 

Here's a picture I drew for her of us:

And, I drew some 2dXMurdoc oekaki, and you can
click for Murdsx2D cuteness

The fireworks were AWESOME last night! They were shorter than normal, but they were so beautiful that I couldn't stop staring. It was a lot of fun lighting our own, too, because the guy at the fireworks stand was SO nice and sold us this huge package with artillery shells in it for $30! And so we got to light a lot of cool ones. Soe tipped over and shot at us, but the running for our lives and the added element of danger just made it more fun XD I loved it. I ate so many lemon heads, I still feel a little sick. But it was just awesome and so much fun! 

I updated Hey Pretty... I FINALLY got chapter 13 posted! I am such a jerk... it took 2 months to finish that chapter ^_^; I've had writer's block BAD. 

I want some strawberry pocky, BADLY, and I've had 19-2000 stuck in my head all day. I LOVE that song! It's so fun. 

Well... I guess that's about all I have to say for now! PEACE!

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