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So, since I'm kinda done with the cleaning business and looking for a new job, I'll have a more consistent lunch break, meaning I won't have to resort to fast food often. And so, in the interest of having a delicious daily lunch every day with lots of variety and relatively low ingredient cost, I've opted to try out bento. And... wow. There are so many things I didn't know about bento. There are so many accessories and whatnot... like all the molds and cutting tools and themed chopsticks and dividers and little containers that go INSIDE the bento box. It's like a whole world of wonderment! It has captured my heart!

These are some of the things on my "possibly plan to buy" list so far:
one - pink bear box with matching pink chopsticks
two - cherry blossom print box with a strap (and it's microwavable)
three - cherry-print box with a matching fork
four - tools that let you cut your sausage into little octopuses
five - a rice mold shaped like... HELLO KITTY
six - cutters to shape your ham and cheese like little animals
seven - cotton banana box... it's so cute
eight - cutters to shape your nori like faces
nine animal-shaped bread cutters
ten - sauce bottles with lids shaped like bears and apples
eleven - Hello Kitty 2 tier box (and this because it's also Hello Kitty)
twelve - little mini forks shaped like animals!
thirteen - cases for ketchup and mayo shaped like animals
fourteen - cutters to make your sandwiches decorated with hearts

It's all so extravagant and adorable and amazing! It really brings out my inner childishness XD as soon as I saw the little animal-shaped forks I started screaming. I could gush over these silly little things all day. I can't really afford all of this now so I'm waiting to buy anything until I have a job and receive my first paycheck. I already have a bento box but it's only about seven by five inches so I would starve XD

Also, I'm in the market for a heartshaped rice mold if anyone knows where I can get one. I plan to go all out when I can afford it. Time for fun!

I have an interview at Papa Murphy's today <3 hopefully it'll go well because it's within walking distance of my house. I'm so darn nervous. I always get awkward after a while and I feel like I'm creepy because I'm a little too thorough about eye contact.

And finally... I've been collecting a bunch more Iwako erasers lately. They're only a dollar at Michaels. I bought all of the hamsters and the bird (which I bought last year in pink) in blue. I also bought a lot of cheap Iwako knockoffs shaped like various food. I have a huge collection of puzzle erasers now. I'll post a picture when I can find my camera ^^;

EDIT: stop the presses, because I figured out what I'm going to buy for bento aside from the cute little accessories and cutters (I need those too). It's this:

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I totally think this warrants use of my Joe Dubois icon (OMG Medium is so totally my drug right now. Did you guys see "Allison Rolen Got Married"? It made me cry like seriously. I bawled until the end and then I was like "Ooh yay fluff X3". And I finally saw the pilot this weekend. Lol Texas Rangers).

So, this weekend I decided to make some chicken gnocchi soup for my family, because it's my favorite soup and I love to cook but I hadn't tried making it before. I've been trying to find out what kind of soup is was for ages and I finally did, and the temptation to make it was irresistible. But sadly, I made a classic mistake that someone who's been cooking since childhood should have remembered not to make for the millionth time: I overestimated how much flour I needed.

I was cursing at it and my dad was like "what's wrong with it? It looks fine" and then I explained that it was supposed to be soup and he agreed that there was definitely a problem and then made fun of me XD

It also didn't taste good, because aside from the overly-floury taste, the dumplings mixed in with the gluey broth because they were so soft and the broth was a little too thick, and they made it doubly so. The result was this ball of paste-like nasty bread-flavored horror:

let this be a lesson to you )

I also burned the fried dumplings and garlic bread I made to go on the side XD so the whole meal was fail and my family and I got a great laugh out of the whole thing. But my sister made a cake that turned out perfect, so we ate that for dinner instead <3 I'm going to make it again this weekend. And I will continue to make it every weekend until I make some that turns out. I've told my family that it's not a threat, it's a promise XD

Also, does anyone know of any significance with "20576"? Because I can't stop thinking about it recently. It runs through my head whenever I'm not actively thinking about something else. I just want to know why /: I asked my mom because she gets stuff like that too and she said it sounds like it could mean June 20 1957. But I have no idea. Any thoughts?

I know I promised some TamaHaru this entry, but it'll have to be next time O: Sorry I forgot to write some.

EDIT: I googled the date (if it actually is a date) in question and this was the first this that came up.
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So anyway, I went to that food expo thing and... IT WAS INCREDIBLE! There were people there from all over the world and it was so bright and exciting! I tried karaage and sushi from Japan, tiramisu and bruschetta and foccacia from Italy, sushi from Korea, dumplings from China, and a bunch of other stuff that's all just a blur now XD It was all so good and amazing. And this really, really, really ridiculously sexy Japanese guy was running this booth where they painted your name in katakana (and in Kiona's case, hiragana XD lucky her). He was staring at me and then he was like "are you guys all in high school?" and Brittany was like. "Yeah. Well, except her *points at me* She's like 21" and he was like "Oh really? ;D" and gave me a look. I was like "Durrrrrrrr 8D" God, he was cute and he sure knew how to charm the ladies. He probably got way more business than other people because of his charm XD I was flattered that somebody so sexy and charming would flirt with me when I'm... well... you all know how I am XD and then there was Naoya, this Japanese guy that came to Brittany's school before, and he was really nice. And Kiona brought her friend Danette, who we call Chameleon because her usual nickname is Dani too and I was here first XD We just had a blast. I was dying of bliss because of the dumplings and karaage and tiramisu. IT WAS SO FUN!

I was so happy later that I wanted to be like "I could eat three bowls of rice!" like Renge always does as a joke, but I was too full to even joke about eating XD but then we went to Brittany's choir concert (which was so awesome) and then we ate cookies and spinach puffs at the reception. SO MUCH EATING! I like to eat until I explode. I'm just lucky I never stray over 117 pounds no matter how I eat lol.

Speaking of eating, I'm making Chicken Gnocchi (my favorite soup) this weekend for my family! I've loved it for a while but I had no idea what kind of soup it was, and then I finally tracked down the name and found a recipe. So yeah, it's a good weekend ahead.

Anyway, I have to go because I've got work in like 20 minutes XD I'm not really in the mood for manual labor but I really really really need the money. And it's nice to get stuff done, anyway. I get to see the most amazing houses because of my job.

I'll post some more TamaHaru next time X3

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