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So I've been up all night because I can't sleep, because my protagonist has suddenly started to take shape and the getting is good for writing right now. I don't know how it is for other people, but for me, writing is either feast or famine. I mean when it's famine I still write anyway, even though it's dry and tasteless and makes no sense. I've got this whole folder of stuff I wrote through famine periods, because my fingers move on the keyboard no matter what. But when it's feast, it flows endlessly and it's like I have some weird connection to some distant world of magic or something that sends these thoughts and this sort of weird wisdom I'm sure I don't really have into my fingers, through my heart and not my brain. Like, my brain has no part of writing when it's feast.

But the point of all this is that I was thinking that I want to be annoyed because my writing won't let me sleep, but all I can be is happy because all I can think about is how much I LOVE WRITING. Seriously, it's the one thing I've been consistently passionate about since I could form coherent thoughts. Before I could hold a pencil I would come up with these long and complicated tales on my head and draw them out in scribbles, and then in grade school I'd tap out these stupid long stories on notebook paper, and then eventually I moved on to writing horror novels in notebooks in high school. And then I discovered writing on the computer and I was pumping out thousands of words a week of crappy fanfiction and horrific tales of the occult, endlessly, until it started becoming something like actual novels. I think I've morphed into a completely separate person at least four times since I got really into writing, but this crazy blinding passion for it is something that's remained consistent no matter what, no matter how sad or scared or self-loathing or stupid or jaded or whatever else I've ever been I was, writing still WORKED. It's like this connection to something outside of myself, something bigger, some other world that I can only scrape a little bit of fairy dust off the edge of when I write. Is this what it feels like for monks when they meditate? Is this that sublime state of mind they reach, or what? Am I tasting it a little bit? It's so exciting to think about, and it makes me so damn happy.

So wow... that was a novel in itself, wasn't it? XD I guess the point of this is that it's good to have passion for at least one thing, even if it's just purely recreational like mine is.

So what's your passion? Comment here, or write up your own minirant and link me to it. I want to know <3
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My original story Blue. got a Daily Deviation feature on deviantart! ^^ *explodes with joy* It's something that I always thought would be really cool but never was presumptuous to expect or even hope for and then BAM, I log on today and find I find have a DD. It's so cool and surreal at the same time.

This all makes me feel like I'm one step closer to realizing my dreams and goals. I know I've still got a long hard road ahead of me if I'm ever going to accomplish what I really want, but it's worth it no matter what the struggle or risk. This is totally the affirmation I needed to make me realize I'm never going to be able to give up on this future of being a novelist that I've wanted since I was 6. So I'll keep pressing forward ^^; not that I wasn't going to before. You know. I'll try to become more ambitious about it, though. I won't give up.

I'm so happy I could die ♥
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Waaaaaaaahg! O: I am so busy right now it's not okay. I've only got a few months to finish several rather ambitious writing projects before my life is once again consumed by work (which I look forward to... it's SO WEIRD not having physical labor every day and I miss getting paid regularly. I can't wait until the season picks up!). Deathknight is one of said projects, which, if you guys don't know about yet, there's some stuff for it over at my DA. I doubt I'll finish it, but I want to get as much stuff done on it as I can. I'm sorta adapting it into a graphic novel (AKA doodling the characters and then toning them at this point). Bah, we'll see. I want to say I'm making it into a manga because it sounds cooler, but since I'm not Japanese there is technically no way I can produce "manga" even if it's drawn in a manga style. D'aww ;_;

SO anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been online at all much lately. I'm spread much thinner than I should be since I'm not even working right now XD lately I've been dividing my waking life mostly between two long-winded short stories, *Le Rossignol Chante à Minuit and an untitled one based around the prompt "history" for [ profile] ouran_contest ^^; Bahhhhh, since the "history" one is based partially around Eclair, I've been having fun with it. It's weird to write, since lately I've been rereading the entire Ouran manga when I'm not writing and the story is based in the anime. Awkward contrast time! 'Rossignol' isn't fanfiction, so it's a little less weird.

So omg, I'm a little shaky on this and I was wondering if there's anyone who would be willing to beta/proofread one or both of the short stories and be brutally honest with me about them?

Anyway, I'll try to get online more in the near future ^^; oh, and guys, if any of you use Yahoo IM, my screenname on there is mintmeringue is you ever wanna get all up with the chatting.

I've got a deadline on the 26th! *scrambles* I hope I can at least finish the "history" one since that's what's due *dies a thousand deaths* I need a shower. By the way, anyone mind voting for me? *wiggles eyebrows*


*The Nightingale Sings at Midnight
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So anyway, time for some shameless pimping. You guys know how I have my fanfiction journal ([ profile] thiswaytoheaven) and my TamaHaru fanfiction journal ([ profile] sugarysky) and my porny writing journal ([ profile] chocolatelle)? Well, it came to my attention recently that I didn't have a journal for posting my original fiction. I used to post them here, but things got cluttered that way. So, if you guys are interested in reading my original fiction, my account for that is [ profile] deadgirlsloveme, alright? :'D Woo!

So... I said I was going to upload some excerpts from my NaNo novel, and I didn't get around to it before because it sucks trying to pick non-spoilery parts that are also not boring XDDDDDD But here you go, have an excerpt (FYI, she was playing hide-and-seek):
prepare to be partially entertained )

I <3 the blonde kid XDDD I also <3 writing about crossdressing. I've only written about male trannies before, so this is an interesting experience. This is one of those stories where you should never feel safe assuming someone's gender XD I'm sure a few of the guys have vaginas. Also, Alexander is my favorite heroine I've written so far, probably because of her weird fascination for bugs as well as her casual acceptance of her crazy situation.

In other news, I wrote a new TamaHaru fic :'D *gets shot for not working on novel*

I have tomorrow, as well as this weekend, off of work. I'm so happy! My endless reservoir of irritatingly explosive energy was actually starting to dwindle, which almost never happens. I have three days to refuel. Plus, as tradition dictates, on Saturday [ profile] suddenkiss, [ profile] kiramekineko (my little sister), and I are dressing up in formal gowns and going to Chuck E. Cheese's <3 I can't wait! Good lord, I just love my life so much XD

Also, I totally have 3 separate Haruhi cosplays all ready to do (normal uniform, outfit from when they went to the expo, and the dress from episode 26), so expect pics sometime soon *nerd*

Love love love, guys! *flies off*
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Well, here's the first few chapters of Tequila Eyes (don't kill me for the weird title), the short story I'm writing for my sister. I wrote it all in one sitting yesterday T_T it needs so much work... it's mostly introspective and it's a little weird. If anyone could tell me what I need to do to fix it, I would love them forever...

Edit: I forgot that Atsushi and Yuki are Nakahara and Kojima's first names until now (from Little Butterfly). Please don't kill me for this stupid coincidence!

Title: Tequila Eyes
Rating: PG or so for now
Genre: romance/humor/drama
Characters: Takizawa Yuki, Suzushima Atsushi

Tequila Eyes

Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitter descent
But I stayed up with you all night...
And I know how to save a life

breaking this silence )
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Well, I wrote this for [ profile] wittyilynamed's yaoi threesome contest. It's ORIGINAL yaoi, not fanfiction, and focuses on the Tamakara triplets: Takira, Kenji, and Ryokou. Takira and Ryokou belong to me, and Kenji belongs to [ profile] kiramekineko

Title: Strawberries and Cream
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: TakiraxKenjixRyokou (threesome)
Warnings: , yaoi, threesome, tricest (triplet incest), oral sex, hand jobs, fingering, hard anal sex, whipped cream play, slightly PWP

Strawberries and Cream )

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