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So... I'm sick XD it's been forever since my super amazing immune system has allowed me to get sick. It's not bad, though. I've been taking it easy and watching Law and Order all day. I'm feeling better by the second.

Sooooo... time for an art dump, now! They're old drawings and photos, for the most part DX

a giant art dump behind the cut... )

That's all for now, but there's a ton more I want to dump here later.
Coming up next: a fic dump!
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I haven't been up to much lately... helped my mom clean a house the other day (thinking about taking a job in house cleaning), and I poured a bunch of milk on my head today for no apparent reason (it was fun). I'm starting to feel bad that I never get on to talk to Dwayne, but I'm never online long enough and I'll end up talking for hours, and that can't happen because I have to keep my sister entertained most of the time. My loyalty lies with my family first, so I guess he'll just have to deal with it. I feel bad still, but oh well. It seems like everyone wants something from me, and it's annoying. I'm fine with doing art requests (by the way, if any of you guys want something drawn, tell me! I'd be happy to draw it), but I mean in real life, in general. It seems like people only want to get close to me so they can take advantage of me. And that kind of hurts. 

I'm so used to being screwed over that I met this guy, and I'm afraid to talk to him. His name's Allan and we dance at Blockbuster where he works all the time. He's dating my childhood nemesis, so I know he doesn't want to be more than friends (at least right now), and still it weirds me out to talk to him a little bit. I need to get a grip. 

And I've compiled a list of things to accomplish before I die:
1. Visit Japan
2. Learn to play bass guitar (Micah can teach me)
3. get published
4. be a rock star
5. Find a crush that I don't ruin things with
6. dye my hair rainbow

Alright, now I'll shut up and give you art. 

Gorillaz being all chummy at a photo shoot: click here
Murdoc after 2D gets him pregnant XD: click here 

Aaaaaand, here's a Gorillaz  video of doom for you all that I made:


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Plenty is new today...I guess. I've started this new obsession with drawing pictures involving water and sparkles. View two of them now, because I said so (the first one's my contest entry for TBRS's June fanart contest):

Beast Boy and Raven on the beach: click here 
Raven and Robin on the rooftop: click here

Yes, I adore both of those couples. BBxRae is my favorite of all time, though I do enjoy almost all possible TT couples besides BBxTerra and BBxStar (I don't have anything against them, they just don't really appeal to me). 

I hope we get to go to garage sales tomorrow. I love going out in the morning, especially when it's sunny out. Everything just seems so...right at times like that. Things don't just feel 'right' much anymore. I miss times when they did. I'm slowly becoming a hermit. I hate the thought of dealing with people face to face, and my family are the only ones I can be around and not feel completely inept. 

Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday and we're going to her party in the park. I like parks. 

I rented all 4 Gravitation DVD's at Hastings the other day and watched the whole series. I plan to watch it again before I return them. I love the characters. That show really is deep for something animated. It gives a good message. If anyone is reading this, WATCH that show! Or read the manga. Because it is incredible. The art is wonderful and the plot and characters are attaching. And also after Hastings we stopped by Ben Franklin and I got these cute little teddy bears, one red and one white, attached to each other by the plush heart that says 'I love you'. They're really adorable. I have a strange obsession for plush. 

I'm working on Hey Pretty a little bit (chapter 13 should be done soon), as well as Obsidian. I'm also planning a Robin x Red X fic and a Robin x Slade fic (don't hate me, I love TT man love). I'm also going to write a 2DxMurdoc fic, so if anyone could help me on the characterizations, I'd really appreciate that. 

Oh, and I actually have a friend! [profile] rocky_wolf

Well, I guess that's about it. Bye!

BBRae forever!

because Yumi x Ulrich isn't nearly as sexy

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