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So, there's an update to my muse list over at [ profile] candycoatedmuse, aside from it getting all pretty. The new addition:

[ profile] bornofwishes
Muse: Maria
Fandom: Silent Hill
Currently At: none

I love Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 she's so bitchy and cute and hawt and mysterious and sexually uninhibited XD I'm still not entirely sure whether James just conjured her up as a replacement for Mary or if she actually exists, but whatever. Illusion or not, she's completely full of win. I want her and James to have about a million babies together. I guess technically, given the Maria ending, James/Maria is canon, but I digress.

Anyway, my Maria is looking for a James to RP with. Or a Mary or Eddie or Laura or Angela or even Harry or Henry... or anybody else XD if anyone's interested, feel free to leave a comment here or at her journal. Totally up for cross-fandom RPs, too.

Also, waaaaah ;_; I downloaded the raws of the Ouran special chapter but I couldn't unzip them... it said there was a problem with the file. I want to rip my hair out.
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So, some teacher's pet decided it would be a good idea to nark on me for posting AMV's on Youtube, so chances are my account's deletion is eminent. It's a shame, because I love Ritsu Minami so having his name as my account name was boss ;_; I'll post my new username in an entry when it happens.

Also, COMMISSIONS WILL BE LATE. I have a wrist brace on right now and typing is difficult, not to mention jewelry work. It'll have to wait until I get it off!

AND: my rabid Ouran fangirliness is starting to peter out slightly and needs revived. I'll take any help anyone has to offer because I don't want to lose my passion for this fandom X3

New Memes

Jan. 20th, 2011 04:45 pm
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So, I've started up [ profile] candymemes and I've got some memes running there. Also, I'll be hosting people's memes at the community if anyone has one they want to have hosted!

So anyway:
Ouran Kissing Meme
TamaHaru Kink Meme
Ugly Americans Kink Meme
Medium Kink Meme

Fly on over and make your requests, guys X3 and feel free to fill some if there are any already requested when you get there!
I'm really hoping these memes won't die right away ^^;

Also, I'm working steadily on commissions, so they should be ready sometime soon <3 also, askTamaki is going live chats now X3 chat live with Tama
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So, this weekend was incredible. For serious. SO SO SO incredible. On Friday, I went to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for commissions and almost everything I needed was on sale <3 then that evening, Brittany and Sammy and I went to the local production of Miss Saigon together, and it was beautiful <3 my old choir teacher (and Brittany and Sammy's current choir teacher) played Ellen, Chris' new wife, and she sounded amazing. She had such emotion in her voice that I cried a little during her big song. Also, Sammy and I went to the musical dressed as boys, and the girl at the next table checked me out. I was pretty convincing as a boy XD and then I accidentally went in the girls' bathroom and got weird looks. Oops. Makes me wonder what real trannies do when they need to pee. Because... well... going in the boys' bathroom is awkward for me, even when it looks like I belong there. It was so much fun 8D I love hanging out with Sammy. I didn't really think about it much before, but I've been friends with her since she was 2 years old. Seriously. And an added bonus is that we never run out of things to talk about, because we always have the same fandoms as each other XD <3

crossdressing pic time XD )

Then, on Saturday I went to lunch at Golden Corral and I got a ton of banana pudding, which is why I like to go there (I also filled an edible taco salad bowl with mashed potatoes, fries, and like 6 kinds of non-taco meat XD), and then we went to Costco (Cosco? I don't know how to spell it). At Costco, this really (super) cute guy was giving out samples of an energy drink/vitamin B12 supplement, and I tried the pink lemonade kind and said it was good, and he smiled charmingly at me and gave me a WHOLE BOTTLE OF IT. FREE. That never happens. Guys never flirt with me... especially stunning ones. But this guy totally flirted with me 8D I felt so good about myself all day, which was nice because I was having one of those bad skin days, so I was feeling bad about myself before.

THEN, on Sunday, we went to the mall and I didn't buy anything XD but in Hot Topic this girl said she liked my bag (it's an Ouran one) and I was like "8D you like Ouran too?" and she was like "YOU like Ouran too?" and her friend came up and was like "OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB?" and then we all screamed together and jumped around and went on about how no one in Billings liked it and it was cool to meet someone else who did <3 it was amazing. I felt like I was among my own kind XD also, while at the mall, I was talking about this bomber jacket that I want to buy (it's $40, which is like the equivalent of a $1,000,000,000 by my standards), and my dad gave me $20 toward it... without me even asking. It was so nice.

THEN ON MONDAY, which still counted as the weekend because Brittany had the day off from school, we sat around playing Sims 2 all day until later when we bleached our hair together <3 she's doing pink and blue streaks underneath like Katy Perry and I'm doing pink on the ends like Maria from Silent Hill 2 <3 it's going to be so awesome! Right now I still have the blonde ends but tomorrow I'm doing the pink. I'll post pics when I get it done... and some cosplay pics. Brittany has a jacket like the one James wears, and I have the boots and skirt (well, it's a shirt but I can make it look like it's a skirt XD) to be Maria, so we're going to take some funny pics. We also have a TamaHaru photoshoot planned. Not the cute kind, though XD she's going to be Tamaki and we're taking pictures of her holding a broken wine glass up to my neck.

So, this weekend was INCREDIBLE. I feel like I can take on the world.
I'll be working on commissions this week, so those of you who have one coming, it should be ready soon. I'm not setting a date, though, because I don't want to rush the pieces to meet a deadline. I want them to be beautiful.
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[ profile] lovinjerryt gave me YELLOW!
Comment on this entry and I'll give you a color!

color gammmmmme! )
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So, Christmas was a lot of fun! My family spent a lot of time together and we baked and did crafts and stuff like that XD we also watched the Thai version of Shutter together and screamed a lot. It was a blast.

I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, and I named it James Sunderland XD I'm such a Silent Hill nerd. I'm ALMOST as nerdy for SH as I am for Ouran, but not quite. Speaking of Silent Hill, we're about halfway done with SH 4 ;_; IF EILEEN DIES, I'LL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF. I want one of the good endings. I don't care if our apartment is haunted as long as Eileen doesn't drown in the blood-water. Yes, I looked at spoilers, but it was an accident ;_; I'm also making an SH 2 video for "Only" by NIN, because it's so perfect for James and Pyramid Head and Maria. I might post it here later, but I doubt anyone cares XD

Also, here's this year's Ouran Xmas fic <3 it's TamaHaru, but it always is XD Blah, that couple is too cute. Things had better stay good between them in the oneshot this month, or I'll cry forever.

Anyway, how was everybody's holiday!? And if I've talked to you about giving you an Xmas present (you know who you are), PM me your addresses so I can send them!
Those of you who I'm writing fics, please be patient a little longer ^^;
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Everybody's doing it XD *jumps on the bandwagon*
letter to Santa )

So, I'm working on my part of the [ profile] holiday_ouran exchange, as well as everyone's Christmas gifts, plus Duet plus some requests I've gotten lately. My fandom self is exhausted and needs some RP *wipes brow* Speaking of RP, I set up a musebox to keep track of all my RP babies. Thank god for [ profile] stefanie_k X3 I've been losing track of my muses and I've forgotten half the accounts I have already, but she introduced me to the concept of museboxes, and now I think organization will be much easier.
Anyway, it's [ profile] candycoatedmuse if you guys want to run over and look through the muse list to see if there's someone you want to RP with.

I really do need to get to work on my fics /: so I suppose I should cut this short.

Merry Christmas in advance, everyone!

PS: Henry Townshend. Adorable. Want his babies.
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So, I think I managed to get rid of the virus (I had to use Malwarebytes, Housecall, Spybot, Kaspersky, and Hitman to get all of it), thank goodness. But I still need to figure out how the viruses are getting in EVERY TIME I SAVE A FILE (even if it's safe). I'll track it down and smash it to bits, whatever it is XD

I have to paint an apartment today, which is nice because it'll be the first real work I've done in ages. I've missed physical labor, even though it's nice having all this time to write. The job hunting sucks, though. Ugh, it makes me feel so inadequate that I've applied for about 30 jobs and no one wants to hire me /:

So anyway, I'm doing a bunch of hardcore work on Xmas presents, but they still won't be done in time! I'm having fun, though. And I finally ordered Sammy's present, which I hope she'll like. It's from Team THRASH, and since I'm a longtime customer, they gave me a discount <3 they're so sweet.

I had another horrible nightmare last night, this time about people who used to live in my house in the 20's. They were keeping this kid they'd kidnapped and pretending he was their son, and then he stole some of their money and tried to get away. They caught him, and they bashed his head in and buried him in the basement ;_; I really need to check the hall of records and see if the people from the dream really lived here. I've dreamed of about 6 former occupants of this house at this point, and I want to see if any of them are accurate. This dream was so vivid that I was clenching my teeth the whole time and when I woke up I couldn't unclench them for a few seconds XD my jaw is really sore.

Also, (my website ^^) is finally open. It took ages to get done XD So, if anyone wants to buy anything from it, feel free.
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So I got ANOTHER virus /: and this time all I did was save a picture. I am never, ever, never, ever ever ever ever ever saving/downloading anything again unless I'm on my laptop (because it has Linux, which is badass enough to keep pretty much any virus away). I don't care so much because it's just a computer and plus I can fix it on my own, but I wish people didn't make viruses. It's such a waste of time and computer skills. I think I'm going to become a computer programmer and create a program that blocks any program that modifies the way Windows runs so viruses won't work anymore. I've started teaching myself code already.

Anyway, I've developed a new addiction XD it's the Korean suspense/thriller "Black House". It's so cool. The protagonist is named Jeun Juno and he's adorable. He's an optimistic insurance agent who's all caring and he's just... so adorable. I made a RP account for him if anyone wants to RP with him: [ profile] jeun_juno
[ profile] stefanie_k had the right idea making a musebox XD I need a way to keep track of all my RP journals. I lose/forget them half the time. Maybe I'll make a musebox too if I ever stop being lazy...

Last night I had a dream I was running a charity with Caitlin Glass ([ profile] kiristokyoto) XD it was awesome and made me think that if I ever have the opportunity, I'm definitely going to have to do that in real life. It was so fun and nice, and much better than the dream I had the other night, where I got my throat slit and woke up with the feeling still there (the pain and blood running down and whatnot) and had to sit up choking XD I love when I have nice dreams. And Caitlin Glass is adorable and very funny <3 Caitlin, I doubt you'll ever read this because of how busy you are with training and your lack of internet and everything, but congrats on the wedding XD

I'm working on chapter 35 of Duet at the moment <3 I really love this story, but I can't wait to finish it so I can focus a little more on my novels XD though it's become a novel in itself. It's the second-longest thing I've ever written... so of course it has to be fanfiction.

So anyway, if any of you figure out what you want for Christmas don't forget to let me know. I'm running really behind on all my Xmas stuff ^^; oops.
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Feeling better. My uncle (well, actually he was my great-uncle, I just always mess up ^^;) died on Thursday night. It wasn't as sad as it could have been, though, because he chose to die. He signed a "do not revive" order and he was really peaceful. I was too late to go to say goodbye, but I'd rather not remember him that way, anyway. I'd rather remember him with a guitar in his hands and a Star Wars joke on his lips. He wouldn't have wanted me to see him partially paralyzed. He was my hero as a kid and I'm really going to miss him. I think I'll learn to play guitar to help keep his memory alive. I think he'd like that.

On Friday, my cousin Jascel, my uncle Neil, and his wife Reana came to visit, and we had the best time. On Sunday night we sat up laughing, telling inappropriate jokes, and making prank calls. My cousin Alex has this whale joke where you say "what did one whale say to the other" and the answer is just making whale sounds for 10 minutes straight or so, so we called people and did that to them XD despite the fact that everyone there but me was over 30 years old, we acted like a bunch of kids. It was amazing and the most fun I've had in ages. Also, Jascel might be moving back to Montana, which would be amazing because then we could do that kind of thing every weekend XD

Also, I finally managed to get the virus off my computer without paying $100+, thanks to [ profile] lovinjerryt's suggestion of putting it in safe mode and running Malewarebytes. Thank goodness I can use my money on Xmas presents for everyone now. Well, for the stuff to make the presents because I'm doing jewelry for Xamas this year <3

I'm really excited for Xmas at this point. I'm working on presents but there's no way they'll be ready in time ^^; sorry about that, guys, but a late present is better than no present at all! I went to Brittany's choir concert last night and it was a blast. It really got me in the spirit for some baking <3

Also.... this

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So, my uncle had a massive stroke and I have no idea if he's going to make it. He's been improving steadily so chances are he'll recover, but I'm still worried, because worrying is what I do. I really, really want him to be okay. He was my hero as a kid and though he and my mom have had quite a few falling outs, he's still family and I wish this hadn't happened.

Also, I got a crippling virus (AGAIN) and my computer is pretty much destroyed. I have no idea if I can afford to fix it. So if I sent you the Ouran game, be careful. It's a safe file, but since it's so big, if your virus protection has vulnerabilities the virus can sneak in while you download large files because the data transfer leaves your computer vulnerable, apparently.

So, this week has pretty much been a giant shit sandwich that I've taken about a thousand bites of. I hate winter. Every winter, any number of horrible things end up happening around this time of year. Usually it's death, so I'm hoping that won't be the case this year.

Bah humbug. I can't really be bothered to give a shit about Christmas or anything else at this point.

Also, my grandma is staying with us for an undetermined amount of time, so I can't really leave the house to Christmas shop, so I'm sorry if you guys don't end up getting your gifts in time.
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So, this is my adoptable:

Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Click him to help me level him up? 8D
Gosh, he's so cute.
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Words cannot express my joy at this moment.


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Not much of notice has happened lately. Just that:

1. I lost NaNoWriMo. Again.
2. I've become addicted to tartar sauce
3. I think I might be in love with Aaron Hotchner (from Criminal Minds)
4. I got an Ugly Americans category added at FFN and posted the official first UA fic there <3
5. I found out Medium got canceled ;_;

Things are quicker when I post them in list format and don't spend all that time rambling like I normally would XD

Gosh, I'm boring.

Also, I wanna fill out memes. It's become like an addiction lately, really. If you need to tag someone, guys, I'm game.

And finally: Christmas presents. What do you all want? My funds are limited but my creative juices are not. The sky is the limit.
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I totally did it. I made this account: [ profile] mark_lilly
And you said I wouldn't do it (you know who you are XD)

... anyone want to RP with Mark? ^^;
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I'd choose Criminal Minds <3
I'd be either a victim or I'd be a witness and/or surviving victim in a case involving string of cannibalistic murders and then end up actually being the killer. I'd take JJ captive when I was discovered as the killer, and I'd keep her until the BAU gave me a getaway vehicle and forced the police to stand down and then I'd drug her and leave her outside a Walmart on my way out of town ;D

...or I'd be on Medium and be the daughter of a crack-addicted prostitute that was murdered and I'd pester Allison for her help in catching my mother's murderer and hit on Joe.
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I'm running on 1 hour of sleep from 5 this morning when I dozed off, and I can't fall asleep for the life of me. I'm starting to be able to hear colors. I think I'll go and try to sleep again.

Also, who else is excited for the new Ouran oneshot coming out in January? I can barely wait. I want me some TamaHaru fluff.

PS, I'm taking one-shot TamaHaru requests at the moment, speaking of TamaHaru. I fail at writing anything but TamaHaru lately, which is why it's so specific.
Throw me a prompt/scenario and I'll write it up for you! <3

I'm so tired ;_;
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[ profile] ugly_americans

My sister Brittany and I's UA community <3
Join if you like the series (though hardly anyone has even heard of it XD)
Brittany and I are writing an absolutely ridiculous road trip fic together that we'll probably be posting there. It's pure crack.

Also, Trevor Moore: I want to have his babies. He's hilarious.

Current NaNoWriMo word count: 11,554 ;_;

PS, part 2 of "How to Make Love Like a Host" goes up today at [ profile] sugarysky <3
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Bad news: out of blue, I got super sick this morning. I can't talk and my throat hurts and my head hurts and my chest hurts and... just a lot of hurt, really. I spent most of the evening delirious on my futon watching American Dad. When you're sick and watch enough episodes... you start to think you're actually Roger. No lie. Now I'm doped up on Nyquil and I think I need to go to bed as soon as possible.

Good news: that NaNoWriMo novel I started last night? I've already got 12,000 words done.
I'm catching up.At this rate, I might actually finish early XD but it remains to be seen if I'll finish it on time at all. I'm crossing my fingers <3

Well, sleepytime now.
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So, I've changed my NaNoWriMo novel (I know, halfway through the month, worst idea ever) because the old one wasn't going anywhere. I'm writing one of the ideas I found stashed in an old folder. It's about strippers and androids and drag racing XD it's set twenty years after a nuclear holocaust in the remains of New York. I'm farther in it now than I was in the old one XD I probably won't win this year, but I'll give it a good run. So: be my NaNo buddy if you're on there.

Also, I watched Cabin Fever 2 this weekend. It was the single worst horror movie I've ever seen in my life. It was so stupid DX it was like every 80's horror b-movie rolled into one and sprinkled with a dash of "this has been done a million times already" and served with a side of plotrape. For dessert, we're served up a heaping helping of "lol it's high school kids so it's trendy". Yeesh. Having enjoyed the first movie,I was disgusted by the sequel. It sucked my soul out through my dick in the back of a taxi lolUglyAmericansjokefail.

And... and... we finished playing Silent Hill Homecoming. I play all the Silent Hill games as a group with Brittany ([ profile] kiramekineko), Kiona ([ profile] suddenkiss), Natalie, and Sammy. It's way more fun and a lot scarier if you do it as a group. Also, since we all have different abilities, it's easy because of teamwork XD We got one of the good endings <3 But the ending made me feel bad for thinking Josh was an asshole through the whole thing ;_; aaahhhh, it was so sad. Poor crazy Alex.
Now, we're playing Silent Hill 4. Henry is really, really crazy. But he's also ultra sexy, as is Eileen. And Cynthia, but I'm pretty sure we got her killed. Oops. But man, the ghosts are scary DX they make me cry when they come out of the walls all connected by their sticky goo.
None of the games will ever compare to Silent Hill 2. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES SUNDERLAAAAAAAND <3 <3 <3

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