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People on FFN seemed to think this was a good idea, so I'm posting this.

I'm running a fanart contest for Duet. If you guys haven't read it, then don't worry about this XD anyway, the deal is, you draw your favorite scene from the fic (you can wait until the last two chapters are out before you start if you want), and the winner will get their own 5 chapter TamaHaru fanfic. The contest starts today and runs until May 1st. There are no rules... it can be colored, doodled, sketched, traditional or digital media... whatever you'd like. Just send me a link to your art by May! You can post it on DA or here or wherever, as long as there's a working link to it.

Also, there's also info in my DA journal if you frequent that place more! You can send entries to tatteredmemory on deviantart, too ^^ that's me on there.

I hope this isn't really pompous of me to be doing ^^; I just want to see what comes of it.

Good luck! <3

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