Feb. 4th, 2011

grape_soda: (Tamaki headphones)
Going to Hobby Lobby today to get some fabric to make the choker/skirt for my Maria (Silent Hill 2) cosplay <3 I'm dyeing my hair for it this week, too. I'll probably post some pics of the finished cosplay soon if anyone wants to see them. I also want to cosplay Ariel DuBois but I can't afford a wig and I don't want to bleach ALL of my hair XD

Also, most of my commission stuff is done with the exception of [livejournal.com profile] stefanie_k's! Sorry Steff, I promise I'll finish it. The ring is just a lot more complicated to make than I expected XDDDD

here's what's left:
Mallory: just have to repair some damage I did to the train necklace and make the ootoro ring
Steff: I don't know XD I keep having to start over on the ring

Also, thanks to the fact that I finished Silent Hill 2 I've had "Promise" stuck in my head for days /: blaaaaaaaah

Also also... will someone please draw me Tamaki with his shirt off if they have the time? XDDD I want some Tama moe art BAD.

Have a good weekend, guys!

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